Our home speaks a lot about us, as It leaves behind an everlasting impression on anyone. Decorating the different places with required tiles, carpets, shelves, and tables is not only important but necessary to make the house livable, comfortable and presentable. Everyone wants to show that their house is perfect and a perfect house starts with perfect flooring. When it comes to hardwood flooring, it is the most common type of flooring preferred in many households and is easy to install. But maintaining the original shine of the hardwood flooring can be tough if you don't know the tips and tricks to make it shine on a daily basis. It is a common household problem which can be solved with the following tricks:

Make sure that your floor is properly finished when installed:

Check the type of hardwood that is being used for flooring and how it is being polished. If the polish is not sufficient enough no matter what all precautionary methods you use or chemicals you use to make the floor shine, it won't be effective enough. Make sure that the floor is polished thoroughly after installation and there are no scratches or spaces where the polish is not complete.

Regular cleaning:

It is very important to vacuum or mop the floor with a dry cloth twice a day, this will help in removing the dust from attaching onto the floor and helps in removing the fine particles from scratching the surface. No matter how clean you keep the house, it would be better to mop the house with a dry cloth at least twice a day to maintain its shine. Do not mop with a wet cloth as it will affect the polish and the shine off the floor will decrease.

Change the furniture settings:

It is better to change the furniture settings every now and then as the dust particles get surrounded near the foot of the furniture and the hardwood also tends to discolor in the same area. Changing the face of the furniture will help you remove the collected dust particles or stains from the foot and help you maintain the color of the hardwood.

Cleaning with Chemical agents:

If you have hardwood flooring in the kitchen, it is common to have food or drink stains on the floor, especially when you have kids or pets at home. Adding a dishwasher to water while cleaning the floor with a mop will help you retain the shine and clean the floor at the same time. There are other cleaning agents available too but these agents can be harmful to the wood on a regular basis, therefore dishwasher, which helps in maintaining the shine, will help in cleaning the floor while removing the stains. 

Special cleaning cloths:

There are micro-fiber cleaning cloths available which help in cleaning the floor, catching the dust while making the floor shine. This type of cloth is the best option if you have hardwood flooring in your house. 


The above-mentioned are the tips and tricks which will help you in maintaining the color, texture, and shine of the hardwood floor in your house. You can also use hardwood polisher to clean your house but when it comes to chemicals substances such as polishers, it is better for a professional to handle it as he or she will know how to apply it and what should be the ratio like. Getting the floor polished by a professional once every 6-8 months will also help you maintain the quality of the hardwood and increase its shelf-life.

Published by Zoe Sewell