Everyone wishes for a bigger house or apartment but in order to be happier, we should learn how to be grateful for what we already have. Moreover, we need to learn how to make the most out of our homes and we can certainly do that nowadays for the Internet is full of interesting ideas from which we can learn something. Anyway, before starting to decorate your living room or any other room in the house, you must know what the final result that you desire is. You can opt for a contemporary or a more traditional living room or you can pick a certain theme for the place that you want to decorate. Whatever your likes may be, in this article, you will for sure find some ideas that will help you to get a bigger-looking living room.

Keep it simple and opt for monochromatic colours

Maybe the most important step that you can do is to paint your living room’s walls in white. This will give your small room an airy look, thus making it seem bigger. But you can go further than this - you can choose to add different shades of a single hue. For example, you can buy furniture the same colour with the curtains, ornaments, or even carpets. And do not forget about the ceiling! You can paint or wallpaper it so the living room can look taller. Of course, if you prefer darker colours, you can still use them but just keep in mind that darker colours can make the room look smaller by absorbing light. So instead, give your living room the feeling of an airy and cosy room and choose lighter colours for your ceiling and flooring. The latter can also make a big difference when it comes to small rooms.

Let your walls breathe

If your room has enough space to do this, then pull your sofa away from the wall. This will give your room the illusion of a bigger space. Also, when it comes to pieces of furniture such as chairs, footstools, sofas, bookcases, tables, and dressing tables, the best that you can do is to splurge. You surely want high-quality pieces of furniture that will last you for some time and if you do not want to buy white furniture, there are a lot of colours that await you. For example, a himolla sofa is a great option for a contemporary living room and more importantly, it comes in a lot of colours. And because you can add a pop of colour by buying a coloured sofa, just try and decorate everything else as little as possible for minimal decorations will give your room a more spacious look.

Save some space by adding multi-purpose furniture

When talking about small rooms, there is nothing better than adding pieces of multi-purpose furniture. For example, why not buy a dual-use coffee table? This way, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your favourite lifestyle and health care magazines, which you can easily store in the drawers of your coffee table. Also, an ottoman can surely be a space saver solution for it can be used as a seating, storage space, and even a table.


Published by Cynthia Madison