Choosing perfect shoes for your work could be a fun job but selecting the appropriate shoes for your work on the concrete floors requires a lot of care and concern. When you work on concrete, the shoes get punished whenever you have to move around. So you need a hardcore buddy to go to the work and keep your foot protected. Since a lot of force is required to pull the foot out of the concrete, therefore it is essential to make the selection of the shoe with great care.

There are two conditions of working with concrete. Either you work in the concrete or on it, whichever is the case, the selection of the shoe requires great care. As for both cases, a unique type of the shoes is required. You cannot only avoid getting injured during your work, but you can stop several health issues even to start as well.

Here are some helpful tips to know when choosing your best footwear for concrete.

What type of shoes should you avoid?

  1. Avoid the shoes with smallest of the pointed heels. The sharp heels if wore on the wet concrete floor could cause so many problems that you would not be able to overcome them.
  2. You need extra cushioning effect when you are standing on the concrete floor, so do not go for the shoes that have a thin sole and less support.
  3. Ill-fitted shoes could create many problems as well. Make sure to pick the shoes that fit your foot perfectly. For this, you have to look for the right shoes that are neither loose nor too tight to your foot.
  4. Do not keep a weathered old pair of work shoes that you wear all day. Make sure that you keep changing your shoe from time to time. The older your shoes are, the thinner are the chances for them to lose their supportive and cushioning effect.

What you need most in the best shoes?

You need to pay attention to every detail of the shoes that you require. For this here are some handy tips to guide you for the best footwear for concrete.

  1. First and the foremost thing you require to stand on the concrete all day is to look for the boot that has an arch effect in the midsole and have a huge cushioning effect as well.
  2. To provide even more cushioning, the shoe inserts are available on the market that helps you getting any jerk on the back with some unbalanced footstep. There is space made in specific shoes that allows the shoe insert to fit correctly. You could go for those.
  3. Check for the durability of the shoe as well. Some brands are famous for providing the best and most comfortable work shoes for standing on concrete; you check the best from the market and makers.  

Published by Kimberly Smith