Hello lovely readers! I'm new to this site therefore this is my first post! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Check back often if you enjoy my work as I will be posting quite a lot. Enjoy..

As its now summer and the majority of you guys are close to the summer holidays I feel as if its only right if I give you my top tips and favourite things to do during the summer break! Okay here goes, my top 10 tips, tricks and total favourite things to do in the summer.

1. HAVE FUN – this ones pretty self explanatory, do whatever you enjoy, be free, whatever YOU want to do, do! This is the best time to do whatever you want whenever you want as you are on a break therefore enjoy yourself!

2. DO SILLY THINGS WITH FRIENDS – schools over for the summer so now its your turn to be in control and do stupid things with your best friends during the break. Have fun, go wild. Have a party, a picnic or even just binge watch Netflix/youtube videos!

3. TRAVEL – I’m only 15 and I’m guessing most of you are in your teen years too so I understand its hard to travel but family holidays are my ultimate fave! Going away with your family to a new place in the summer and making new friends just has a certain kind of excitement to it! Or even just go to somewhere within your country, south west England is amazing in the summer!

4. BINGE WATCH NETFLIX/YOUTUBE – I LOVE THIS, this is also up there with one of my favourite things about summer, binge watching. Although it is probably the only time it will be hot outside there is nothing like a good binge in your bed in your comfiest pjs watching Netflix series (Gossip Girl, PLL, Jane the Virgin, 90210 are my personal faves) or even having a good back to back snoop through YouTube!

5. MAKE NEW PALS – one of the most exciting things to do in my opinion is to make new friends. This could be online, through mutual friends or just complete strangers, its such a lovely way to make new memories with amazing people!

6. GET ACTIVE – even though I literally just discussed how much I enjoy staying in my bed in some comfy clothes watching different shows I also really love getting active. This could mean taking up a brand new sport such as football, hockey or even just a daily run or something like attending yoga classes or popping to the gym or even going for a quick swim a few times a week. This will really help you to feel better about yourself as it makes me feel like I’ve earned my day in bed binge watching shows after I’ve completed an ‘active’ activity.

7. HAVE A PICNIC – me and my friends LOVE to have picnics. A girly day in the sun with music and food and your best friends, what else could you want! Buy lots of healthy (joking I love a good pizza) and unhealthy snacks and get a little blanket, place it on some grass, pull out the speaker, jam to some songs, eat food, SORTED!

8. CHILL AT THE POOL – in my area there is an open air pool as we, unlike America don’t often get hot weather therefore most houses aren’t catered with a pool in the garden so we like to go to pools. This is a great way to chill, relax and enjoy summer with your friends but its also a great way to make new friends as lots of young people are there enjoying themselves as well!

9. RELAX – this is probably the most important tip of the whole list as it is true and the main way you’re going to enjoy yourself, if you’re not relaxed you are not going to be able to have fun as your mind will just be worrying constantly. Just forget about all your problems and have a good time as you have just been at school for 9 months its now time to enjoy yourself!

10. MAKE MEMORIES – this is very cliché but is so so true. My favourite thing about the summer break is doing what I love, with who I love, taking photos to look back on and just embracing the good times with the best people I know. Summer is all about having fun and making memories so do that, go get that ice cream even if you’re not sure you are going to like that flavour, go talk to that boy who keeps looking at you from across the pool who you like, do what ever you want to do, its your break and your time to enjoy yourself!

Thanks so much to the people that read to the end as I feel as if that last tip was the most important. I really hope you all have an amazing summer and let me know on twitter or instagram!

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