If you have read my bio you will know that my blog is usually full of sparkle and pretty things, I live a charmed life painting, making and blogging, but you will also know that every now and again current affairs gets me so riled that I have to write about it.

The truth is I have been getting riled for a long time, I have been horrified by the massacres in Paris, Belgium and lately Orlando, I have held my tongue not because I have nothing to say but because I was so angry, sad and frustrated I was scared of what I would say.

But then Dallas happened, and as I started writing this article the events were unfolding on Sky News. The shooter is now dead, but before his death he stated that this abominable act was in retribution for the recent deaths of african american men at the hands of law enforcement. Before we go on let me make it quite clear that this was an inexcusable act against officers just doing their job.

So here I am along with mostly everyone wondering what we do now? how do we get police officers not to reach for their guns and shoot people that are not presenting an immediate threat? how do we persuade african american men that the police are to be trusted? or not to retaliate by shooting officers in the street? How do we stop ISIS affiliated shooters from gunning down young LGBT people on a night out?

There is no easy answer, it is clear that the control of guns is something that is almost impossible in the US at the moment, and don't get me wrong, people get shot in the UK, I can think of two unlawful killings by police in the last 10 years, and we have just had a member of our parliament shot and stabbed in the street. There is also the ever present threat of terrorism, we have just remembered our dead that were killed in the attacks of 7/7.

What have I done in the face of these acts? I have posted Je Suis Charlie Hebdo, Je Suis Parissiene, Je Suis Belgique, I cried for the LGBT community of Orlando and I cried again for the fallen officers This morning, I have sent thoughts, love and Support around the world. However the words that resonated most with me were posted by a friend- Je Suis sick of this s**t, and I am, I am weary of this mindless violence.

After Orlando I was moved again to tears by the real life angels that screened the grieving families from the westboro baptist church who picketed their loved ones funerals. A simple, beautiful act of support in the face of horror. The buildings of Dallas illuminated in blue and the patrol cars covered in flowers, the same silent support for the fallen.  

 So maybe thats all we can do at the moment, show support when support is needed, show understanding and tolerance and never ever use our faith, beliefs or political persuasion as an excuse to raise our hands or weapons to another person.

And I still send my love and support..... as I do today to the families of the fallen officers. 

Be kind to each other 



Published by Karen Lorenz