High school. Check. College. Check. Real world. Uhhh… I thought college would be the hardest part of my life and what could be harder than college? Oh that’s right, the real world! *inset surprised face emoji*.   I just moved out of my college home of two years, and moved all my stuff back with the parents.  There is probably no worse feeling than having the freedom of living by yourself back into your parents’ home.  I love my parents and they aren’t strict, I just feel like it is going a step backwards.  So I thought to myself, What do I do from here? Where do I go? What is the next step?  Yes, I am applying to jobs but in the mean time I need to get things rolling.  I am not going to sit at home by myself. This is my window to be as adventurous, carefree, and spontaneous as I want.  So to answer that question, my next stop is LA! I will be going to spend my in-between time in LosAngeles, CA.  I spent a fair amount of time in Northern California so it is time to take over Southern California. Let the adventures begin!

Published by Lauren Emi