Days had gone by since Lo and S had seen each other.. She was most excited to walk into work and see S standing there. As she remembered he was most appealing. Looking him over as she walked to the bar she noticed his features more. Long arms with thick hands; flashes of his hands over her breast as he bit down hard on them, the moan of that night vibrated through her body…she just about came all over again. The night progressed he finally came to give her food for one of her guest. “Lo your wings.” he stated she glanced back with a smile “Thank you.” for a second they caught each others eyes she felt lost in them and didn’t want to come back. He rushes around the corner after they both catch themselves gazing deeply into each other. Lo drops the food off, giggles, and smiles with a blush. she was in a blissful state she had never been in before. Was he the one she had been asking the universe for? Could he make her want to love again? Questions stirred around her mind all night till he again appears at her bar ready for a cold beer.

“What are you doing tonight?” asked lo “what do you have in mind?” S replied quickly “I’m heading to island bar for a few then home to smoke would you care to join?” He downed his beer looked at her deeply and said “let’s go.”

Enthralled by this man and the feels he gave her; she clocked out, hopped in the car, and jetted to her favorite bar. Now as stated before Lo is a quiet girl. She didn’t need to go out with people, she kept to herself preferred it. The two sat next to each other watching the UFC fight; she was a sports fanatic and he took note of that. The night progressed and both had had plenty to drink. “shall we head to your place.” S said softly as he leaned into Lo’s ear. His breath tickled her neck, she smiled, stood up, and out the door she went.

Busting through the door his hands were already all over her. How is she suppose to be a lady when the animal instincts of lust hit you way harder. One arm wrapped around her waist the other around her neck slowly moving her curls to the side so he could suckle on her beautiful brown skin. Lo twirls around; they kiss deeply. She reaches down his pants unbuttoning them , releasing that to which she had craved .. Throbbing she licks his shaft up to the head; slowly she swallows the head then progresses to take him all the way down her throat. To her no one fit so right. S pulls her up to him, while sliding his hand down to take of her pants.

She was ready for him, bent over the table he slaps his cock on her ass just before he slides in. she was tight and wet; it was driving him crazy. He got lost in her; folded her again like a pretzel, fingers in her mouth, hands on her ass. This was different and they both knew it. They finished at the same time. they both plop down on the bed laughing at how wild they were. Satisfied he got up , got dressed and left as he did before. Still laying on the bed in ecstasy she hoped that this would be more….

Lets see what happens next………………………

Published by Lo Cal IG Lo_Cal_710