Few weeks ago a friend of mine showed me a photo on Instagram for a neat, colorful and organized journal, telling me she is totally obsessed with the idea. I was really intrigued by her enthusiasm to start bullet journaling and decided I should dive in and write about it.

If you are a huge fan of to do lists, planning, schedules, organizers, and stationery; then bullet journals are definitely for you.

A bullet journal is an all-in-one personal planner and a life record that would help you to stay on track; combining your weekly and monthly plans with your to do lists and designed schedules. In addition to the variety of planning schemes, it can also be a super efficient way to track your habits every single day.

How to start your bullet Journal:

-Get a lovely journal.

-Decorate your journal pages with scrapbook supplies and washi tapes.

-Prepare colorful pens or black ones; according to your taste.

-Create an index with contents and draw the bullet symbols.

-Insert calendars, monthly and weekly plans, daily to do lists, meal plans, and habit trackers. Use bullets instead of sentences to make everything easier. (For example, a small circle for a chore, a heart for a memory.)

-You may insert daily logs, inspiration quotes or a record of what happened during your day. You can also include fitness logs, grocery lists, important events, weekly budget, daily chores, and birthdays.

-Add some drawings and colors; attach photos, scrap papers and whatever inspires you.

-Write your plan for the whole year in the first few pages to stay on track. You can also make a list of the books you want to read, the places you want to visit and other long term plans.

-Search for layout inspiration and other ideas for bullet journal inserts. Pinterest and Instagram are two rich sources where you can find a lot of photos that will motivate you through your journey of bullet journaling.

-Take what works with you. You can have your own customized layout and you can decide which items to use and which to ignore. It doesn’t matter if your journal is neat or messy as long as you like it!

Advantages of bullet journals:

-You will have a detailed layout for every day of your week.

-It is an effective way to track your habits through grids.

-You will get all your life together in one notebook.

-You can consider it an actual hobby.

-You will gather all your memories in one place.

Disadvantages of bullet journals:

-In a bullet journal you don’t usually cross things off but you just use a check mark, so you will miss the satisfaction of seeing items taken away from your list.

-You may take some time for mapping out the elements of your bullet journal.

-Some people love to keep separate journals or diaries for to do lists, life plans, daily schedules, etc.


To sum it up, bullet journals can be a super efficient way to stay organized and motivated through your inserts of daily, weekly, and monthly logs. Just decide if you would love to keep an all-in-one journal for your whole life and start journaling now.

Do you have a bullet journal already? Share your ideas for more inspiration!


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Published by Hend Halim