‘Breathe, it’s going to be all right’

‘Really? How? There is no good outcome of what he is about to do now.’

‘He has made a decision.’

‘A stupid ass decision. Did he forget the time when he was the victim of this act? ‘

“I have not forgotten it. Will you two please stop?” I stopped my brain and heart from fighting each other.

“oh yeah, then do you remember the scenario when the girl you loved broke up with you. You stood there breathless. You were traumatized by the fact that there is another guy. You cried all night and begged her to come back. You called her names and cursed her. You were so miserable. Now you are about to do the same thing to another person. You are a horrible human being.” Brain knocked me back into reality.

“But he has been good to her and everyone around from a long time. He just does not feel the same way he used to for her. He is hiding his feelings. It makes him feel like he is cheating on her.” and heart came to my rescue as always.

“Yeah he should have thought of it before promising her eternity and never ending love. You take pride in being a good human but you are just like the rest of the people. The people you hate. Go ahead be like them.”

“Stop it you two. I know what I am about to do to her is terrible. I loved this girl and she loved me back with all her heart. But I don’t feel for her the way I used to. If I hide this from her I am still a horrible person. If I tell it to her then still I am the same. There is no good way of doing this. I do hate the people who did the same thing to me. But I guess now I know why they did it. So I am going to go out on a limb and be the bad guy. Because if that can make both our lives better so be it.” I shut both of them up as I was walking to her table in cafeteria.

“Christie, I really loved you and I adore you the way you can’t even imagine. But I don’t feel the same way I used to for you. There is no other girl and no one is forcing me to say this. I was keeping this inside and it made me feel like I am cheating on you. So I am so sorry but we can’t be together anymore. You can shout at me or hit me if you want to.” and I stood there silently waiting for that slap of hers.

“I know. I sensed it. Thanks for being honest with me. You are a good guy Jason. I wish you all the best for your future  Please make me proud.” She said while planting her last kiss on my cheeks.

And unable to say anything I walked away with smile on face and tears in my eyes. Maybe my mind need more education about ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’, I thought to myself.

Published by Dhruv Joshi