I think we’ve all been there. The sickening feeling that washes all over your body, which threatens the loss off all the food in your stomach that you, have consumed from the dawn of time. The feeling that makes your entire body simultaneously feel light as a feather and heavy as a ton of bricks. The entire relationship comes back in flashes. You replay every conversation in your mind till nausea and pain causes you to roll into a ball screaming for it all to stop. Maybe you’re confused and want to reach out for all those coping skills that you used before. Maybe it’s the pain pills, alcohol, weed, or maybe that razor blade. Maybe you want a pain stopper, or something that’ll let out all the pain. Your heartaches in ways that you didn’t know was possible or forgot that it could.

If you’re lucky you’ve probably cried yourself into exhaustion and for a brief moment, your mind can rest easy forgetting the pain that you are in. Or maybe you’ve talked and screamed yourself into temporary numbness. Just for now, you don’t feel it as badly as you did before until the sun rises again and your feet hit the floor and the memories wash all over you. Another day to live through your worse nightmare, the one that they promised would never come true.


(It is currently day 6 of my most devastating breakup, this was originally written on day one. There may be more posts to come as I work through the heartbreak and pain.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Till next time, Be Brave, Be True, Be you!


Published by Liz E