I hope I’ll be the first man you’ll come to love.

Why you might ask? So every other guy knows how high I’ve set the bar for you.

To truly call you a princess and admire all of your flaws and let them overtake you long before your perfections do.

So every other guy knows that if he ever finds you away from the world and deeply invested in your thoughts, that you are not looking for anybody and that you are not lost.

So every other guy knows that if he labels you as prey and himself as predator, that amongst the shadows a relentless apex bear lurks.

So every other guy knows that the moment he tries to take advantage of you, he would now be facing the greatest odds when I come face to face with him.

No, I am not going to rob you of having careless summer nights with the guy you think is the one and the only one.

No, I am not going to keep you from college because of all of the risks and dangers that I have seen when guys get a bit aggressive and the girls are perceived to like it a little rough.

I am just telling you this. Your clothes are yours and they are meant to worn by you. They should never be a trophy for someone’s greatest one night.

There will be guys that look at you like sharks possessed by blood. Just feasting on the weak but you, my future daughter will not be weak.

As soon as you say that you are the girl, in this world, and I choke up and bite my tongue every single time I have to say this, but you are somehow considered less.

But, you my future daughter will never be less to me but everything and more.

I cannot protect you from everything. I will try to, but as my bones wither and my smile only echoes of a time we used to be playmates within your kingdom filled with pink and love, you will stand tall.

Because you, my future daughter, will take after your mother.

When the day comes where I finally get to meet you, my future daughter, I know it’ll be love at first sight.


Published by Luke Lee