How do I start? Where would I begin. Honestly, I can't think of better words; Most proper rhythm, and tone To start and end every phrases and prose This post is dedicated to that one friend that truly inspires me. She may seem small (she's actually is though) and powerless from the first time you'll see her but she's a woman that is full of surprises. We all have that one friend that we really look up to, someone who radiates postivity and good influences to the people around her. She will push you to your limits, she will motivate you, and she will help you carry your burden. So, with a grateful and cheerful heart, I have a friend like her. Lucky? No. Blessed, I am blessed to have met her. That God had made our roads cross. So this is for you.. How long has it been? Four years ago, I walked in the same room as you did. We were complete strangers and you have your own group. And for a while i thought that we will never really be close. But hey! Look at us now. Everytime I'm pressured you will talk to me and you'll tell me that I can. And not just to me but to all of the people around you. You are a blessing, to me—to us. But you know what, sometimes I hate you. I hate you because at some point you keep on telling me that you can't. Stop saying that! Stop doubting your abilities. And always believe! As I would always say: God's purpose you cannot keep that from happening. Always remember that in every step that you take, we always got your back and even if we fail in showing it to you, Someone greater will never fail. No one can underestimate you, You maybe small but you have a big heart, a clear vision of your goals. Remember that what drives you to success is your attitude towards every circumstances that you will face. Months from now we will part ways, I will never get to see you in a same room. I will never have someone to hug and to run to. But I know that you will always carry some of my advices to you. Light will guide your way and will shatter the darkness. Thank you, for being God's reminder to me of how great He works in the life of His princess. Thank you, for being one of those who would say that I can. Thank you, for being one of the reason I look forward to going to school Thank you, for sharing your life with me for four years. I always that you will be molded as to the woman that God wants you to be. College wouldn't be the end of our friendship. But the start of new and the growth of old ones. The battle is tough, the challenges are hard, and the giants are everywhere. However, no one can underestimate a small girl like you. For what its worth, have a gigantic faith and mountains will be moved. ❤k.s❤

Published by Kim Serapio