Now don't get me wrong, I'm pro-breastfeeding or I should say I'm pro-feeding your baby in whatever way suits you. A fed baby is a happy baby regardless of how you choose to do it. I am however vehemently in support of a mothers right to feed in public. A hungry baby needs fed and if that offends you then look away, or even better - leave. 

I'm lucky that I've never encountered confrontational negativity when I've been feeding in public (just a few dirty looks and shakes of the head) but if I did then I would not be shy telling them exactly what my thoughts on the matter would be: my child's needs will always come before other people's outdated sensitivities. However, the question is how far would you go? 

I came across this article today where a mothers response to being told to go to a more private place to feed her child was to squirt mama milk at them. Wow. 

Don't get me wrong, part of me is impressed with her reach. As any nursing mama knows that stuff can shoot out unexpectedly and with surprising force sometimes but seriously?!  As much as I'd defend my right to feed, I'm not sure that I'd have the guts to go that far. The fact is though that no matter how wrong the response may have been, the woman had no right to ask that mother to move just because her 'distracted' husband can't keep his eyes to himself. As for her child; if we are to normalise breastfeeding then we need to make it commonplace and something the next generation regularly sees if we to embed it back into our culture. 

As let's face it, unless you're REALLY looking you don't see a thing. Correction, you don't see a thing unless I point it at you and shoot!  

So prudes beware!!! Approach a breastfeeding mama with negativity at your peril, or risk a shot of milk in return for your unsolicited opinions. 

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Published by Vicki Coombe