Years ago there was a television show called ‘To Tell the Truth’.  The show had three contestants, two of whom had to lie in answer to questions from a panel, so the one person telling the truth about their occupation could not be guessed.  The better the lies, the more difficult it was for the panel to identify the one person telling the truth.

    It makes me wonder how you can know if someone is lying and what the truth might really be.  Some people can look you square in the eye, lie to you and make you believe they are telling the absolute truth.

    God knows the intentions of our hearts and the amount of truth in our words.  In Luke 16:15, Jesus tells us “God knows your hearts.” (NET)  In Psalms 69:5, David confesses “O God, you are aware of my foolish sins; my guilt is not hidden from you.” (NET)

    No matter what we say, how we say it or what we do, God knows the truth in our hearts.  He knows all our lies.  Many may find this disconcerting, to know that God can see through our lies and deceptions.  If it is truly upsetting, maybe it’s time to make things right and be honest with God.

Published by Ray Richards