You're an amazing liar. So great in fact, you made me forget who I was. How did you do it? Took a guy who only meant well to have trust issues that hold me hostage within my own head. I can't look at another girl the same way. That's what you wanted when we were together and now it's become a part of me. You gave me the greatest speech that I have heard and by the greatest I mean the most flawed and by the most flawed I mean hypocritical and by hypocritical I mean I actually believed you. Thank you. Thank you for showing me how naive of a kid I was. Thank you for making my heart even stronger and peeling off whatever gold I thought I had around it. You made me lie to myself. That I was afloat when I was being waterboarded. That I actually had you when you left before we even started. That I was the problem and you didn't want him to waste the ticket he bought to come see you. That we could actually coexist as friends. To the girl who cheated on me, My mom never liked you. And I loved you. But now, I'd be lying to myself again if I said I still do. It's what you always wanted anyway.

Published by Luke Lee