He stood in the oval office, alone for the first time during the whole campaign. They had said they wanted him to enjoy the feeling, and enjoy it he was.

He looked around smiling. He couldn't believe it, after month and months of campaigning and kissing babies , he had finally got into office. It was incredible. The power, the decisions that went on in this room, he would be the one with the most power, he would be able to make America great again.

He walked to the desk and sat on the chair, striking a pose even though no one was in the room with him. It was dusk and the warm orange light was flooding into the office. The new President lent back on his chair and let himself relax for the first time.

A knock on the door woke him from his revere.

"Yes?" He said, not sure what he should be doing to look important.

An Asian man in a suit walked into the room and smiled at him, "Congratulations Mr. President,"

"Thank you," The President said, "Tomorrow the real work begins,"

The Asian man nodded and then said, "This is your first piece of presidential mail,"

He held up a white rectangle piece of paper.

The president frowned, "Shouldn't that be checked by someone first?"

The Asian man put the paper on his desk and said, "That wasn't necessary"

He then turned and, without saying anything more, walked out of the room.

The President looked at the piece of paper on his desk, he recognized his predecessor's hand writing on it : POTUS, the abbreviation for President of the United States.

He opened the letter:


The President stared at the letter, his mouth hanging open.

This couldn't be true, surely it was some kind of gag from the out going POTUS.

He put the letter in the top draw of his desk and tried to push it from his mind, and enjoy his new office, which he did successfully for a month.


The President sat as his desk, the day outside brilliant and sunny, but he wasn't going to see any of it. He had meetings all day, and a talk with the Chinese in the evening. They wanted to re negotiate trading terms, The President was dreading it.

His first meeting of the day was with the Australian Prime Minister. This was one that he was more looking forward to. He and the Prime Minister had had conversations over the phone a few times since his inauguration and he was looking forward to meeting the man in person.

A soft knock on his office door made him look up, it was his secretary Jenny.

"Sir, the Prime Minister is here, as well as the Press, shall I let them in?"

"Yes, show them in," The President said, standing up and walking in front of his desk.

His office door opened and the Prime Minister walked in, followed by a huddle of people with cameras and recording devices as well note books and pens. All of the people present would've been thoroughly searched for anything dangerous on them on the way in and would be equally as thoroughly searched on the way out. A team of special agents would come in and sweep the oval office as well and make sure that no bugs or anything had been planted.

The President smiled at the Prime Minister as both men grasped hands and slowly shook, looking at the cameras. The Prime Minister then turned to the President and said, "Congratulations Mr. President,"

The President shot a look at his desk drawer, at where the letter was stored still. He looked back at the Prime Minister, his grin becoming clearly fixed.

It was decision time.

Published by Kyle Ricketts