For the last ten years or so I have been writing and blogging about my spin on the state of affairs. Most of it came out of a VERY public battle I had in Connecticut back in 2012-2013, which, in some ways, cost me more than it was worth. I used my blog to deal with some intense emotions I had about those times and as a way to find myself again, after all, seemed lost. 
Well now here it is 2016, and is bursting onto the scene. They have asked me, once again, to express my voice about the world. It's an opportunity I am thankful for, no doubt, but one that is not easy to define. 
I'm a sailor by trade, a journalist by education, a salesman and bartender by necessity. I am a jack of all trades and certainly a Gemini by all accounts. So, with the Zodiac as my guide and a resume that looks more like a treasure map designed by Rube Goldberg, what can a 40-year-old sailor with a pension for opining write about, which the American zeitgeist might click-on to read? 
They say "write about what you know. Write about what you see."
I see a political stage set for slapstick comedy. I see the world, whose environment is setting records daily (January, hurricane are you kidding me???). I see a global financial system that is teetering and a world collective ready to burst into a chorus of "Oh What a Lovely War!" 
What is there to talk about then? There are plenty of people popping-off about politics and more than enough explaining the expansive ecology. Why do we need another pundit pandering to the populous? What if instead, rather than throw my two cents in about every subject that strikes my fancy, I instead spin the analysis to fit into the realm of King Neptune? 
Huh? What? Why? 
Well, let's just say for a sec that the whole world is made up of salty water and that the human body matches those same proportions identically. And let's just say that the sun, the moon, the wind, the clouds the sky and all the other things the weatherman talks about daily related to that Ocean. And let's also say that the weather, the gravity, the plate tectonics, the crime rate, the Dow Jones, world oil production, and everything, down to the migration of the blue-footed boobie and all the other animal actions in the world, is affected directly by the state of the world oceans. 
So with that, why not create a blog that looks at everything in the world through the lens of Oceanus? The sea is linked to all we do. Why not look at what we do, from the Sea? It's an idea. 
Some days that will work well, hurricanes in January for example. Some days that won't work so well, Donald Trump follows no rhythm or rhyme, which I can deduce. But maybe just maybe by looking at some of these daily goings on with an eye to the sea, we can touch base with those primordial beings who climbed from the briny depths to become our super great grandparents so many eons ago. The sea runs in our veins, and even the most advanced of us has some genetic predisposition to salty water. So why have we forgotten about our tie to the Sea?
Edited By Brooke Wittenberg-Carol, New Haven, CT 1/18/16



Published by Christopher Richard