,,I can't wait!"

The end of the week was finally here and I was packing for the weekend trip, not too far away from the place I live. I was so happy because it was with a group of people I already knew and I was excited to see them again. You know, it is always good to see old friends reunited at one place. We arrived at the cottage where was no signal, no electricity and bummer...no water.
Well, okay.
After I got over the first shock I was worried how are we going to handle this malfunction, but at the end it turned out to be a great adventure. Actually if there was water and shower I would stay there even longer. 

The cottage was situated in a very deep forest, as I mentioned without signal and civilization. I didn't know how am I gonna handle this, but after some hours, I turned off my phone and simply didn't care about anything. 

You know, it is always good to turn off the whole world, lay down on the grass with two dogs "flying" around you and just looking up on the blue sky full of clouds. In the very deep night one of my friends showed me an app called Sky view- he turned the screen up to the sky and we were able to see all the star constellations, all the planets and try to imagine me, running in the darkness (because of no electricity there was a real scary darkness like inside of the belly of monster) with an iPhone in my hand, tripping like 3 times out of 5 and doing "woooow" sounds. 

Okay. Stop.

But let me show you our little climb to the sky.

We were living really close to mountains. The one we were going to climb is called Vtáčnik ( 1346m above sea level) . It was kind of a escapade climbing, because it is pretty high and if I am gonna include like the whole sea of sweat and summer weather mixed up with like four milion of bugs, then this is just a adventure (at least for me, because I am scared of bugs, let's say I always get a panic attack if something flies around me). 

I have always been in love with the forest, even though I have never had that many chances to go there because I live in a different kind of jungle- the concrete one. Well this was a relaxing vacation full of fresh air (another thing I am missing so much). 

THE view.

We finally made it to the top, to the final destination of ours.
It felt so good and so right to look down and see the effort what you gave to the climbing session. 

Enjoying the view on the top of the rock. Full of satisfaction because I was brave enough to climb it. 

I have always been in love with those kinds of pictures and the first thing in my mind always is - ,,hello from the other side"

After we made it down, safe and sound, I was feeling full of energy. I don't know why, maybe because the forest recharged me. It made me realize that giving up is not an option and I need to go on.
Now generally speaking, you always need to go on and never stop because that's life. If you stop and won't be able to move on, you'll get stuck in the place you don't really wanna be at and that will be your personal downgrade. Do you want that? I don't think so. 

After we came back to the cottage, made a new fire place, ate a lot, sang a lot, watched stars, I felt it again- the feeling of completeness, that this is how it supposed to be, like I am not alone anymore. And that, ladies and gentleman, was one of the best feelings ever.

The sun went to sleep, one adventure per one day is enough, at least I think.

This weekend was tough, but we made it till the end. I made it with sunburns all over my body, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Nina ∞ 


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