Happy to say, I survived my another adventure - kayaking! Well, let's say- falling into the freezing river was a good refreshment, but not that good at the same time.

I have to say it was a marvelous adventure because I went for the first time. When somebody says "kayaking", most of the people imagine wilderness, fast river flow, rough waves, water all over..It wasn't that wild as many of you might think. Well yes, those mentioned things happens as well, but this one was a little bit more peaceful and way calmer experience. We were a big group of 20 people sailing together like a big family, sleeping in tents, drinking and sitting in one circle, laughing out loud, enjoying the nice weather and nature. I have never been camping if I want to be honest, my family never went for a trip like this, I have never been in a kids camp either. I was always crying every summer that I wanna go really bad but my mom never allowed me to go..well, now I am 20 and enjoying my first camping 3 day trip! 

I was paddling the first day of our trip. I have never done that so he was very nice to me even though I wasn't the best one on the trip, but you know, I tried to hard I even made a blister on my thumb, so that counts, right? 

I was trying to get tanned because the sun was really strong this weekend, and I got but more of sunburns that being nicely tanned. Well sh*t happens! 

We had little breaks to take rest, drink a beer (or two) in a local pub (wherever we stayed) to find some naturalistic looking toilet, to talk a little bit more, to get to know those nice people ( I found out that almost all of them are from the town where I live!) 

Well I was expecting I will be more exhausted than I was. The first day was full of things and I was not even able to fall asleep.

The second day was even hotter. I was not paddling that day, Michal (finally) paid a visit to paddle and have fun as well! Yayy! 


I was not recording for three hours because we had an accident. We crashed on a rock and we flipped over with the kayak to the freezing river. Our barrels (with phones inside) wanted to play catch so they fell out the kayak and simply floated away, my shoes (I was wearing them) and the water buried me for a few seconds. I got scared and as I wanted to stand up I fell down and hit my knee so freaking hard I wasn't able to stand on my own feet. Well, those are the situations when you don't know if to cry or laugh because you survived. After my panic went away, and our co-sailors caught all our things (even my lost shoes!!) we checked our phones (they fortunately survived too!) and we moved on with a wet memory in our heads. 

In a few hours we made it to the next camp and it was a relief that we didn't crash again.

After some hygiene happenings we decided to walk to next camp (like 1km or 2) to see some nature, walk, talk and of course to have a beer. 

Exhausting day, watching sun going to sleep...ahh can you imagine something way more peaceful?

The last night was interesting just because it rained as hell. Well, that happens and we had to deal with a faster river flow and cloudy heaven (not even mentioning "cloudy moods" of other people, or should I say hungover?)

Just 2km and we are in the finish line!!

And we surely did!

It was such a experience guys! I have never been like this before, but surely if the opportunity will appear, I will go next time! I had such a nice time, with really nice people, enjoying the good mood, with him and his family. I was sitting there, looking at them, thinking that god I am so glad I am here...

Thank you for taking me with you my dear.

Nina ∞ 



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