"It doesn't really matter...you know?"

If you ask me, I have never wanted big vacations, and visiting exotic lands or whatever else.Well, when I was young and careless I didn't really mind. And yes, when I was younger, we were on a vacation (I mean sea etc etc) a few times but after that it stopped. I was just a little kid, I don' even remember most of it and don't have proper photos (shame shame...), maybe just from a old camera, not even in my computer.

I was always just listening how was here, how was there, listening to all those memories and happenings that really happened to my friends. I caught myself sometimes being a little jealous, but later on I was like, "oh well, maybe in few years, when I'm older, blah blah blah..." and it still goes on. Not even jealous now, because I know I will go there one day. (*pity party* ? nah, too old for that..)

I was thinking about it all today and realized that no matter where I go, I always fall in love with some view there. Not that much as fall in love, but I just have a feeling that I need to capture it, because what if I will never see it again? what if I will never pass this place? What if I miss something that's supposed to be important for me? (*thinking too much* ? oh, hell yes)

So I just walk around my country (as long as I can and of course if I can), capturing those views which are not from Bali, Dubai or I don't know, Turkey ...because this is enough for me (at least for now). I was taught to be happy from little things, from non materialistic things that possibly can be also a ordinary view, meadow, mountains, even park.


I just come here and feel good and peaceful and I can sit in the grass, looking to the nothingness, because, why not? I am aging every single day and I am realizing how much I enjoy this. 

Just sit here in a comfy looking coffee palace, dedicated to Britain, sipping coffee and not bothering myself with anything else.

Or looking up, seeing those little colorful guys and simply smiling while taking a photo, while your friends are looking at you with a question- Why are you taking a pic of your shoes...well hello from the other side folks!

Just sit in the car, traveling somewhere, not being alone. Because I have always been in love with that one moment. When you are on a very long ride, you are listening to some good music what you both like.And you completely shut everything off. Like you forget about all your troubles, hurts. Everything you can feel is joy and feeling of a new destination ahead of you. You are focused on one thing- to be content.

So in conclusion, it doesn't always matter where do you go or how expensive or far away it is, because the most important thing is to feel that the place is something exactly for you, that you feel alive, feel the freedom, feeling that you are safe in the armful nature. 
This will always be one of the most important things- to feel like home.

Nina ∞ 


P.s: And of course, watch this amazing sunset while sipping a drink. Priceless! #ChillOut


Published by Nina S