"Always glad to come back"

You all know that feeling, while walking somewhere where you feel so good and comfortable and free, with people who are worth of it all. This is a town called Bratislava (the biggest city (capital) of Slovakia). 
I always visit this place from time to time, if for some little extra shopping or visit friends of every kind (especially would like to meet up with one particular but we have always different schedules), but yea you get the point right?

Even though it's a huge place and a ordinary human being, as I call it a mortal one, can't really orientate in such a big place if the person doesn't know it at all. That's why I always needed a "guide" for this because I was scared to go alone- well todays it's different, I got to know the place but I am always more comfortable to go with somebody.

As long as I started to visit this town, I started to take photos more seriously and being happy about it. I was walking around the town with the best people, enjoying the architecture, having fun, exploring new places and also the old ones. I really like those times and when I have a minute alone I always reminiscing about that period of my life while I was just traveling there with a full bag, by train, passing by villages and towns just to get where I really wanna be.


Oh, how much I love those streets. As I am aging I don't really like places with so many people because it makes me anxious as hell, but this one, I don't really mind to walk here. One main reason- Almost nobody knows me there. I really love that about this place because I can walk and nobody would stop me for chat or just saying hi. Well I know it might sound strange but I don't really like that, just walk with friends or alone, only me and my music.

I really remember this one, it was inside of the castle walls (the first pic is the Bratislava Castle) and there was a note that you can pick one book, it's free and sit on the bench a read. It was something amazing for me!

So many secrets are hidden in those castle walls.


bw town

The view is ever better in the deepest night, while I was walking with them.

anonymouscouple under the shining moon

Sometimes it is really weird, while we are walking and I suddenly stop and need to take a picture of something and the whole group stops and looks at me like- Nina, really? Again? And I just laugh and say, yes again because it's my job guys! 

Well, even though some people would consider "writings on the wall" as a crime or felony, but for me, I don't know, if it looks decent and it means something then it's art for me. Let me show you some.



I write because nobody listen

we are wild

"You are wild"


So many signs of "Insane" is written on the walls in the whole town.

truth about gorilla

to the end of the world she took me

I remember seeing this one and I immediately knew that I need to take a picture of this. It totally felt like I am having a fist in my throat...for me this is a example of deep, I fell in love.


" I am sorry" - in Czech language

exit to the city

Heading back!

I really loved those mornings, when I woke up to a silence in the flat, everybody's sleeping, so I used to sneak out and make coffee or smoke on the balcony and enjoy the satisfying feeling of morning, even though it was cold or a hot weather, just peace and calmness and most importantly, no stress. I call this town "A little escape plan".

flower and fruit


view for life 1

me walking


legs 1

dead flower

It is always lovely to just sit down at some bar or shopping center and do nothing, enjoying the sun and a conversation that matters with people that matters, while sipping coffee of course. Or just walk down the path, near the river Dunaj with a drink one one hand. 



me fromt he back

This huge town is beautiful in its condition- I mean even if its night it looks amazing. When I was there for a few times, we decided to go for a night trip to the castle and some bars and enjoy the anonymity of the town. Even though it's big, it has its culture and its own voice if we are talking about people, events, architecture, hidden corners-even those undiscovered ones.

SNP bwSNP half

bw building weird uhol

svietniky v lokále čbknižnica a lampa v lokále

I have always been into a "black and white" style of photos, simply because I almost always wear black clothes and somehow the dark style attracts me (a lot- maybe because I am a redhead and then the hair looks brighter while wearing dark clothes, well who knows), all the shadows and mystery. Not that I was trying to find darkness and sadness and other stuff in it, nah, I am too old for that. But it kinda loves me back, you know what I mean? Well, this one is one of my favorite ones because even though it was taken during the day, I can feel the darkness out of it and the feeling of "I don't know what's behind the door, but I really wanna know!" kind of feeling.

dark corner of ba

But yes, there is a end to my little trip, so I pack my things and with a sad feeling of going back home because I can't stay there forever. I always have such a good time with people I really like even though we don't have so much time for each other during the year. I am always leaving with a satisfaction and peace in my heart. Isn't it always just about it? To go somewhere and find home there. I am so glad I have something like this.
I am so thankful for the opportunity like this, to just go, do what I love and be with people who are glad back.

vlak prechádza okolo mojeho vlaku čb

Anyway, sitting here, listening to music, closing my eyes for a second or two, realizing how lucky I am - traveling to the sunset with so many memories while planning when will I come back.

Nina ∞ 


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