Today I decided to fly into my memories a little bit again as I did in "To travel is to live"- Part 7, because today it is such a weird and rainy day that I wanted to relax a little a reminiscent with my legs on the table.


A few years ago I was attending an Art school (here in the pace where I live) -particularly -Acting major. As a group of teens we were experiencing acting, breathing, stage fright, walking, talking, reciting, know "learning how to do it all"- and not to embarrass ourselves in front of people.
We got this amazing opportunity to travel to Poland - Suwałki, for a International Theater Festival for Children and Youth "Wigraszek" to compete against Latvia, Belarus, Russia, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria- well and guess who won Grand Prix? You don't even have to guess- we did!

One and only memory that I have left and I found it like 2 days ago in my room by an accident!

Blurry af, but at least I have some bozos.

Well, on our way to Suwałki we stopped in the capital city of Poland- Warsaw. I remember it was like 6 am and our teacher was like come come we are gonna sightseeing a little while the town is not so overcrowded and when the heat is not unbearable again. So we went and as I mentioned in Germany post I didn't really take a lot of pics (still mad at me a lot actually) just a few of them. But as long as I remember- it was everything! Fun, laugh, morning apathy, fast motion, blurry mind,but still managed to have something from it.

Pretty and colorful- yea that was all I needed when I was 16, oh my.
But still, when I look at it now, I can see it- artistic feeling captured by an wannabe actor.

That time, I had a very bad camera with me, very weak one and as you can see the photos are low quality but sometimes it doesn't matter because it is about the feeling what it made you create in your head rather than a quality of photo.

So this beautiful building started my beloved characteristic architecture fetish (just kidding).
But yea, look at it- The Palace of Culture and Science and it looks like something from a dream!
At least for me.

Still just a part of The Palace of Culture and Science, I am just standing amazed.

Of course- I had to. Like I could resist.

Square- Good morning yall!

Todays me just screams YASSS for the architecture because I must have always love the architecture like this- old colorful houses and old paths etc.
Just enjoying this little roller coaster full of memories.

Well, why not hang a lamp on the tree?
This can happen in Warsaw too.

It was such an amazing trip...I'd come back anytime.
One day.


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