I have looked over my shoulder today and I see that I did a lot of traveling this summer, thanks to him ♥. It is not always that far away but still, I am incredibly grateful and happy for it, because I just love this as much as I love photography and exploring new places.
The summer is almost over and I can feel it in my bones. They are preparing for the cruel world of new university, new people, the cruelty of not having enough time to do what I want and love, the cruelty of effing stress (again)...I still have about 20 days to good, so trying as much as possible to leave and not to think about so many shitty upcoming things.

I am gonna call this weekend as a Casual Summer Weekend. There is a explanation for that:
You know when you have a group of friends (and maybe a lover *winky face*) and hanging out, chilling and stuff like that- well then you happen to know what is it-
Let's say having a grill gathering
*going to see movies
*going to the lake and swim because the exhausting heat is just too much for you
*have a nice dinner
*watch movie at home
*cook or grill a little bit more
*help each other
*and then at the end of the day, lay down to the bed of his and fall asleep like a baby because all of it made you exhausted but in a good way.
A very good exhaustion that made you fall asleep with a smile on your face- I have always carried this idea with me in my head, that someday, I will have this nice and warm feeling again in my life.  And now I made the whole list from the first point to the last.

Let me move-  As always, I captured just a little something something

So after not doing a lot on Sunday, we jumped in to the car and went to see this lovely lake.

Why not to make a polaroid photo of a polaroid photo?
I simply love this little Instax mini, it gives me so much life!
(*By the way, let me know in a comment section if you want a review or something about the camera*)

Yes, sunset, hug me tight my old friend.

I am so sad that I didn't have as much time to take photos of this beautiful town because we stopped just to eat something, but I swear that I will come back and let you see the beauty of it!

Well, let me take you back. I really love leaving my house and mindlessly go somewhere with him and it is always amazing (at least for me). This weekend was more than a chill out one as I mentioned ↑, but still we did a lot. I really like taking pics of nature etc and this garden was just too cute for me to not take at least a few of them.

Honestly, my hands were shaking af and I took this photo like on 10th time.
Because why not, right?

Ultimately my most favorite photo of the week. The mixture of colors, the flawless person, the surroundings and of course Prisma app , is just unbearable for me.

I have to say, it feels nice to just chill out in the garden, talk to friends, have a good time together- those little simple things, that makes me personally really happy and satisfied.
The feel of satisfaction is something I haven't had for some time and to be honest I really missed it. Nothing was able to make me "that" happy, until I realized that this is what is important- to have a few good friends, some place where you get together and talk, have fun, mess up, have him by my side, enjoy it, having some free time and just simply do not other yourself with shit. I am slowly getting to that point and it feels just great....but still there is a voice in my head that warns me about the end of this period that may come earlier or later- well, today I just sway my hand to the back like I was shooing an intrusive fly to get away from me and trying to forget that I ever even though about it. It is about now, today and maybe a little yesterday- not about tomorrow and the day after.

I am here now.

For me.

As I said- sometimes life is about the simple things.



P.s: I wasn't able to upload a lot of pictures, I don't know for what reason, the system is a little bonkers and does not admitting all of my photos- so if you wanna see more, click on my personal blog , and you will see all of em all in a full blossom. 


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