When Tobi Omo Ilaro released a single titled LOWKEY last year, we never knew he meant it. The nomenclature best describes him at present. Indeed, 2017 has been on a lowkey for the rising artiste. Obviously, the Ilaro-born has been away for a while leaving his fans worrying and wondering what his next step would be. With another Oronna-Ilaro Festival approaching, Tobi’s performance, whose song – “Omo Ilaro” is the theme song of the festival, is definitely one to watch out for. He has always been a lead artise – leading the festival road show, stage performance at Sisi Ilaro Beauty Pageant and Poosu Night/Talent Hunt and subsequently, the Grand Finale. It is also rumoured that Tobi has a new version of “Omo Ilaro”. A tour of his Facebook timeline reveals two things: at a time, he was busy, at another, he was less occupied. What is certain, however, is that the FPI graduate has been up to something. After his last stage performance at the Pre-conference Dinner, organized by Yewa Descendants Union UK and Ireland, held at Yewa Frontier Hotel, Ilaro, on 19th May, 2017, Tobi is rumoured to have left the town for Abuja. Trusting this rumour, his fans began the waiting game – waiting for “Blowdome”, as he fondly says. “Since Abuja is a land of wealth, a dogged Tobi will make it”, they must have thought. But as the saying goes, “Success does not happen overnight.” This, his fans understand also. They are just interested in his journey towards success as much as they are interested in his success. “What have you been up to?”, we asked Tobi on Whatsapp. “Though I’ve not released any single this year, nevertheless, it’s been a loaded year. 2018 looks promising; when it comes, it would vindicate 2017“, Tobi replied. “Be rest assured. Something big is coming!”, he concluded. With 2017 gone, Tobi definitely has a burden on him. His fans have been starved for a whole year. He has got to make it up to them. Definitely, a new single would do. But for now, the waiting game continues. The waiting game would not end until his silence ends. When it does, hopefully, ‘blowdome’ would pay him a visit.

Published by Adeyemi A. Adeola