I went tobogganing last week.  It was loads of fun.  The major problem that arose was that the hill seemed to get longer coming back up as the day progressed.  The first few times, coming back up the hill was easy.  After an hour the trip back to the top seemed longer and more difficult.  Going down remained the same, but I’m sure the hill continued to grow, both longer and steeper, as the day progressed.

    Sin works in the same manner.  The more times we fall into it, the more difficult it becomes to drag ourselves out.  The longer we stay in a sinful situation, the more likely we are to become trapped.  The good news however, is that Jesus is always there ready to help us out.  All we need to do is ask.

    1 Thessalonians 5:22 admonishes us to “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” (KJV)  There is help available for us when we do fall into temptation and sin, but the best solution is to not go there in the first place.  That way we do not have to fear looking ahead to that long haul of trying to back up the hill.

Published by Ray Richards