Today is the day. We've been building up to this for some time now, but today, the theory turns into reality and this "Political Revolution", if you believe in it, will begin in earnest. The question should not be how we got here. Everyone and their mother has asked how did we get here, the question should be “WHY are we here?”

And the why we are here is very simple, we have a generational divide in this Country between the Baby Boomers and Everyone else and the Baby Boomers refuse to yield the gavel to the next generation. The irony is it takes a 74-year-old Jew from New York, to open the eyes of GenX, GenY and the Millennials to call them to revolt, but really, he's just doubling down on the promise of Obama that never came to be.

Its that simple, we don't need pundits counting poll numbers and issue ads clogging the airwaves, and your not gonna put the Genie back in the bottle even if Hillary does pull out a win Nationally.

The truth is, "The Young People" have been denied a chance at the American dream, because the Baby Boomers and their "All About Me" mentality sucked the economy dry a long time ago and continue to hoard all the new wealth in the country. That will not change without a revolution. And the Baby Boomers are banking today on low turnout, because as they see it, Millenials will show up at Rallies to see Vampire Weekend, but they will not show up on election day. Maybe they are right, but the truth is victory is in the hands of youth on this one, because eventually we all die.

The truth is I am on the waning end of Gen X. I'm not particularly fond of Gen Y and I think even Millennials have a bit of a self image crisis. But Baby Boomers are the aging, self absorbed anchor of the American economy and unlike every other parent generation who worked to ensure their kids did better than they did, the Baby Boomers said "screw the kids, we will live forever." And accordingly the Baby Boomers caused the sequestration of the American wealth (Koch Bros and Sheldon are you guessed it, Baby Boomers), bankrupted the social net of the US with their huge numbers and lack of interest in funding the programs, and are doing everything they can to dissuade, talk down to and otherwise disenfranchise young voters from calling them to task on their poor leadership for the last the generation.

Its really that simple, the Grandparents plan to live forever and refuse to acknowledge that it's time to pass the torch. It's not a new theme in history, if I was more motivated I could wax on about how Shakespeare embodied this in Hamlet, but the truth is, I'm not that motivated to look back here, I prefer to keep my eyes right ahead and call them how I see them,

I love my Mom. But she is a tough pill to swallow some times and has been my chief burden since my Dad died in 1999 because they planned very poorly in their younger years.  I respected my Dad, but he pretty much sold me out in 1983. Its tough to say that My parents are the cause of this revolt, but in a lot of ways they embody the problems perfectly. My Mom loves Hillary. She says she has the experience to fix the problems in the Middle East and while Bernie is a nice guy, he doesn't know enough about World Politics to get her vote. My Dad, on the other hand would have been 100% for Donald Trump. He loved Newt Gingrich, had a passion for Rush Limbaugh and loved his veteran status, even though he never actually saw any combat in Korea. They are (or were) a cross section of America in so many ways,

And what about me, I'm nearly 40, well educated, under-employed, forced to care for an aging parent and a failed small business owner. I'm no authority on all things Millennial, have no clue where Kim Kardashian came from, and kind of know how to use my cell phone and laptop. I'm the transitional generation between the Baby Boomers and the Millennials. But What about Gen Y you ask? They are one of the lost generations, much like the WWII generation, affectionately tagged, “The Greatest Generation”. WWII gave us the Baby Boomers, and ensured that they were so self absorbed that they even sold out their own parents, by cutting health care, denying services to the elderly and even playing with the inheritance tax. Now that the WWII gens are falling like flies, the Baby Boomers take on the grandparent role. But WWII folks did very little to improve this world after they tore it apart in WWII. Sure they built giant industry and grew the American economy by leaps and bounds when they got back from war, but they also gave rise to Urban decay, Racial segregation and religious intolerance, and pretty much stood aside when the 1960's raged in to full overdrive.

Gen Y has a lot in common with WWII, a major world war they were forced to fight, the burden of a massive Veteran population, and a generational shell shock that has them begging for peace and quiet after 20 years of Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't blame them for taking a back seat at this point, or the WWII generation for lacking the resources to make better kids out of the Baby Boomers. But for these purposes, Baby Boomers are the grandparents, Gen X are the parents and the Millennials are the kids and we are on the verge of a family battle that will transition us into the next evolution of the American way.

Hillary represents the Grandparents, with her adherence to staying the course, the flouting of little Charlotte on the campaign trail and her lack of ability to connect with young people. Bernie is the voice of the Millennials, tired of being ignored by the establishment, sickened by their lack of opportunity and desire to see a more progressive way of doing things. And Donald, he is the man that embodies all our are darkest thoughts and desires and stands for the evil that is inside us all. That is why he works across party lines so well, because though Dems think they hold the banner of the Angels and Republicans want to bring us back to a better America, they both miss the fact that Americans inherently will always side with the  Force over the Evil Empire, even if they cheer for Darth Vader during the campaign process.

The thing that sits before us is a contest between those three forces and the truth is time is on the side of the Millennials. The Hillary Grandparents don't want to hear that, but it's true none the less and while they are fighting today to stay the course and continue life as we know it, the Millennials and the Donald Crowd far out number the Grandparents. And that's new to them.

The Baby Boomers have dominated the polls for the last 20 years and fought like hell to build a world that would serve them. Unfortunately the world they built is crumbling because it wasn't built to last longer than the breath of the builder. And I think, the Millennials now realize that and are now waking up for the first time in history and will have a huge impact on this election one way or another. If they falter in this election and fail to turn out for Bernie, someone else will rise to carry the banner and carry this progression on, because every day, the Grandparents get a little older and the MIllennials, gain a few more votes. And the Millenials with the Hispanic vote, the Black vote, the Women vote and the Young vote are growing at a pace that either matches the decline of the Grandparents but more likely outpaces them in massive numbers and that scares the hell out of the Grandparents.

The call to Revolution has been made and I want to see the Millennials take the banner and run with it. Maybe the Gen x population and I can help them and the Gen Y's will lend their voice as well. If that does happen then Bernie will take the day and the Revolution  of Progress will take flight even if we have no idea how we will create a single payer system, make college free or figure out a way to get around the Tea Party obstructionists in Congress. But it will happen none the less, because time is on their side and a better tomorrow is the natural trajectory of the American people. The only question that remains in my mind, is will the Hillary Grandparents allow the Grandkids to take the reigns and work for a better tomorrow now, or will they have to wait until the Grandparents are so weakened in numbers that they have no choice but to step aside?

My hope is that we can have the faith in our Millennials that they will take care of the Grandparents, if and when they step aside, and they do better work of caring for the elderly than the Baby Boomers did when they were tasked to take care of the WWII generation. The revolution will be televised though, so I guess we shall all see very shortly.

Published by Christopher Richard