Today the 8th of september was one of the normals day but it was the fist day that a made a succesful cake Alhamdoulilah finally (hhhhhh) ps: I’m proud of my self🙂

also it was the day that i realise that my mom is really sick .at first it was hard for me to understand that the most powerful person i know is no longer powerful !!

i can even imaging my life without her voice or her eyes she means the word for me

from the begging she was with me i pray to my Only God to keep her for me because i really Can’t maybe i look like One of the powerful womans but i still !! human-been and she is my MOM Do You understand !! but i believe That we gone meet again in The Firdaws (Al-Jannah ) INCHALLAH

thank You for reading this Post i know it’s a personal one bur for now i can’t say any thing to any One I know because he gone ask me a lot of questions that  i can’t answer yet

 Good Night


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