I am not a farmer,I do not raise livestock,and for god sake I do not have regulated fish pond in my back yard with home grown trouts,flounders,shrimps or tuna fish! 

Why is todays chicken legs the size of something Fred Flintstone referred to as a " Brontosaurus" leg?

When did chickens become the size of  an Ostrich? and do we really need a 3lb split chicken breast?

Cooking these monterous pieces of meat today yeilds easily at least a pint of fluids per 2 pounds of meat and what exactly are these fluids that are even coming out of these huge oddities of nature?

Chickens are not,nor have they ever been slightly smaller then a turkey! Today? the chicken is roughly the size of a well fed American Cocker Spaniel dog and they have an average weight of 30-35 lbs!

I may be exagerating the weight a little but I am not that far off! Back in the day a package of cut up chicken had the average weight of about 2-3 lbs, in todays greedy overstuffed,under nourished,make it as big as a cow world we live in, Steroids are king of the food processing world,YES! STEROIDS! The exact product that got Mark Maquire and Alex Rodriquez and so many other professional athelets in worlds of trouble!

Steroid use in todays chicken is allowing us to reap the rewards of purchasing 8 pounds worth of cut up chicken that has been so overly pumped with steroids and other chemicals making a 6 month old chicken the equivelant of a 10 year old ostrich!

We are eating this! and its not even good tasting! The meat is mushy,watery,stretchy,and the skin does not even get that nice crispy yummy grease dripping down your fingers mouth loving crunchy texture anymore!

I used to love shake n bake chicken,Breaded chicken,crispy fried chicken or even a nice slow roasted chicken,It simply does not exist anymore! The breaded skin is disgustingly watery,soggy,and for all its worth....IT TASTES LIKE A SNOT!

Pork chops? what the hell are these things? imagine if you would.....place 5 sponges on top of one another,rubber band them together and then smear your favorite sauces or breading on these sponges and then bake them for 1 hour 45 minutes and voila! You now have todays pork chop dinner!

Dont even ever expect to find a decent steak in your food stores meat section,what the hell is with todays beef? the texture is not even the same,the meat is not stringy and forget about trying to cut nice little pieces as it is not possible,the first bite tastes EXACTLY like an old marshmellow would taste if its been sitting behind your grandmothers living room couch since the Nixon administration!

There is almost no such thing as " fresh seafood" unless you have the time to go net yourself 5 or more pounds of shrimp,or spend upwards of $50 or more to go out on a fishing boat to try to catch flounder or tuna or other quality fish,

All of todays supermarkets sell fresh fish with the words " PREVIOUSLY FROZEN" hidden somewhere on the package and when you try to cook this "FRESH" fish it immediately falls apart,or more often then not turns itself into some sort of fish bisque in the frying pan because its been frozen and thawed out so many times it does not have its original texture or taste left.

Forget about ever trying to eat todays shrimps as after you boil it or cook it it almost always becomes impossible to get the shells off of them because as like the fish,it has been frozen and defrosted so many times the skin or shells just become a part of the animal all in one,and if you do manage to cook it and remove the shell and you try to eat it you will immediately taste a mushy,limp,no taste piece of something in your mouth that resembles something you enjoyed back in the 80's and this comes nothing close to being that same taste!

Todays foods are nothing near the equivelant of what we had back in the 60's,70's or 80's and some parts of the 90's....

Today the meats,poultries,and fish products we buy are so overly mass produced and injected with so many growth hormones and accelerators that we are now eating the equivelance of air filled balloons that are made to resemble the meats and seafoods we were raised on in our younger days!

It is not just the meats and seafoods either,most of todays foods are NOT regulated in accordance to the FDA standards from back in the 70's and what we are putting into our bodies are actually creating more harm and damages then actually doing any good.

Its amazing how quickly we get food bourne sickness today as opposed to even 15 years ago,its almost normal to have diaherria at least once a week now because the nasty foods we are forced to eat!

The prices of these foods are outrageous and after paying 1/3 of our paychecks for a half shopping cart filled with food we now get the pleasure of getting sick from it which causes us to have to buy more pepto bismal,miss more time from work and naturally have the need to now have to keep much more toilet paper in the house!

Its sad that the world is so adament about over stocking our refrigerators with foods that the greediness has actually forced the food manufacturers to have to keep up with the demand and supply needs that they now are cloning 500 chickens out of 1 chicken and blowing them up to 6 times their normal weights just to satisfy our need to keep our freezers as overstocked with foods as possible which 90% of us end up throwing out 9 months after it has sat in the freezer until it became an iceberg that tastes exactly like the cheap plastic that the refrigerator is made of to begin with!

We have ourselves to blame for this and this is just the beginning,supply and demand cannot keep up and soon we may find ourselves eating the packages that the food is shipped in as the package may be the exact same ingriedients that the foods are made up with!

This can be said though.......a chicken should not weigh more then 3 pounds,if you enjoy eating a chicken leg that itself weighs 2 pounds then this is going to continue,at some point the human population will need to make a stand and stop purchasing this disgusting food and demand that we go back to real natural quality foods as before long if we have to keep eating this food we will all be dead and perhaps the chicken can finally grow up naturally again and not be 10 lbs at 6 months old!


Published by Mike Panek