Today’s little thought,

When you are a kid, your obligation is to learn all you can, and your right is to be fiercely protected.

When you are older, your obligation is to direct your way and take decisions, and your right, to have the proper tools and resources to take the right path.

When you’re an adult, your rights… depend on how much you have worked on your life, and your main obligation is to PROTECT the empire you have created with your effort and sacrifice. You must burn down the bridges which only lead to pain and guilt. When you have a treasure to keep safe, you forget about what fear, regret and exhaustion are. You just gather your weakness and horrors from the mud and turn them into an obsessive force, that becomes your main source of fury.

Every person has a different kind of ruby to guard. It depends on your nature, needs, life experiences, obsessions, fears,…. the only important thing is, to do things right,  keep a clean conscience, and make sure that, in your fort, everything is just in its place.

Published by Mar G.-Amorena