This blog up until this point has been about sharing how I am going through healing my body with food. What I have realized is that I need it to be about so much more than that. Choosing to eat foods based on how they nourish your body is such a foreign concept to most people nowadays that eat for pleasure, comfort or even for entertainment.It makes embarking on such a journey quite lonely. That is what has brought me to switching up the tone of my blog.

Every time I have attempted a new diet for my health I have encountered:

  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Depression
  • Complete sense of being alone
  • Major fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • A sense of not understanding my body at ALL

And underneath all of that is this overwhelming sense of accomplishment, hope and love. Which of course just leads to more of that confusion.

I turn to my friends and family for support but through no fault of their own they don't know how. They don't know that it hurts to hear,

  • "How do you know it will work?"
  • "What does your Doctor say about it?"
  • "I could never have the will power to do that."
  • "This one little bite won't hurt you."
  • "O.M.G. I could never give up coffee."
  • "I would rather spend my money on something else."
  • "I read that organics are just a waste of money."

Or to see the looks of annoyance/embarrassment when I am asking waiters a thousand different questions or scrutinizing every ingredient on a label. I hurt most though when someone so very thoughtfully tries to make me something expecting that they thought through every small detail not realizing that unless they too have read the books I have read, can't possibly know all the small details and I can't eat whatever they so loving took the time to prepare just for me. The hurt on their face causes me such anguish.

Yet, again and again I open myself up to all of this. Why? Because my health is worth it. Because I am worth it. And, while not everyone will understand this, I do. And, if you have found this blog, I am guessing that you do to. So, let's do this together. Let's create that community that we need to support, encourage and guide each other through our healing journeys. Because we are worth it.

Published by Melinda Schmitt