I did it. I admit it. I left the door unlocked and I walked away. It was all my fault. I paid the price for my negligence. A messy bathroom.

After leaving the bathroom unlocked for likely an hour I saw the damage. It was not hard to miss. As I looked into the bathroom there was toilet paper hanging off the toilet seat. On the floor was a pile of shredded up toilet paper. The rest of the floor was covered in the contents of an entire box of baby diapers. Somebody had fun. Way too much.

Usually I find the toilet paper strung across the room from its place on the wall all the way to the shelf on the other side of the room. That "mess" is much easier to clean up. The shredded toilet paper is a new thing. That is what my special needs son has been doing lately. I can be grateful it is not a bunch of things in the toilet though.

Before I took to cleaning up the mess I made sure to take pictures. Why? To document what life is really like with children and as a parent. This is life. Life that is imperfect. Ever since I have started documenting the mishaps in raising children I have noticed that I am not the only one. There are several bloggers and photographers out there that are pushing against society's message that everything needs to be perfect. They are pushing against the idea that parents must always be on top of things. They must have perfectly clean homes, clean children, clean dishes, clean everything. If their children have a meltdown in the grocery store the parents seem to be scorned by onlookers and blamed for not having perfectly behaved children.

I believe parents are finally pushing back and saying that they have had enough. Enough! Enough of the shaming and blaming. Enough of the put-downs and articles that tell you what you need to do and if you do not then you are not good enough....and in perfect parental fashion, since I am not perfect, I am signing off now because my oldest daughter is telling me that I need to spend time with her. So I will. I will enjoy this thing they call parenthood. I will have fun with my daughter and create memories, because someday she will not be here to have fun with me and she will be having fun with her own children.

Published by Jenny Eddington