Building snowmen…going for hayrides…raking leaves. These are just a few of the pages in I Remember the Seasons that will bring fond memories to life for those affected by Alzheimer’s. I Remember the Seasons is a simple and effective picture book containing lovely illustrations by Janis Cox. Poetry, and discussion questions will set the stage for meaningful conversations between people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Reliving pleasant times from their distant past serves as a bridge between today’s experiences and memories of days gone by. The interactive nature of picture books has significant benefits for people with Alzheimer’s, such as helping the brain retain neurological connections, prompting the person to maintain focus and attention span, as well as language retention. Listening to words and looking at pictures, along with touching and turning pages, provide a much-needed multi-sensory experience. The first in the series of picture books created for individuals with Alzheimer’s by Brenda Poulos, I Remember the Seasons will be sure to spark welcoming memories of times gone by.

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81z+x8XUJWL._UX250_Formerly an elementary school teacher and counselor, Brenda Poulos has embarked on a new career as an author of Christian Fiction. Her concern for families suffering abuse and her passion to reveal the power of forgiveness in creating lives with hope for the future were the catalysts for writing her first novel, Runaways: The Long Journey Home.

Author's Note: For quite a number of years before I left teaching, I had a recurring dream. In it, a young boy was sneaking away from a cabin--at night--and in the winter. That's it. All of the dream. But, I dreamed it so many times that I just HAD TO KNOW what happened. So, I sat down in front of my computer and started typing. I just "went with the flow". I was as surprised as anyone else as Jake's story unfolded!

My second book, The Choice: Will's Last Testament, was published in September of 2016. It is the story of ordinary people faced with the decision of whether or not to follow Christ. Readers are purchasing multiple copies as they see that it is a powerful evangelistic tool. It is my hope that many people come to know Jesus through this unique story of eternal life based on the decisions that are made today.



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