The Until The Fat Ladies Sing cozy mystery series is about two beautiful bodaciously-big ladies who live and work in a small town in west Texas. Best friends Lovita Mae Horton and Sue Jan Pritchard share a passion for good food and fabulous fashion, and work at the Crown of Glory Beauty Salon and Boutique, formerly known as Lovita’s Cut ‘N Strut. Their part-time career as forensic females begins with a cryptic message in a fortune cookie and they soon solve their first mystery, Misfortune Cookies, followed by A Tisket A Casket, Dead As A Doornail, Felony Fruitcake, That Wasn’t Chicken, Weighty Matters, and Custard’s Last Stand. To their delight, the girls discover that they have a knack for solving mysteries. A most unlikely pair of detectives, these girlfriends “Comb” the countryside with style, sarcasm, and lots of Szechwan.

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Published by Parker J Cole