Jeremiah 14 “Too Little Too Late”

Famine, drought, sword are three key words Jeremiah heard when he went to God with his hard questions. Judah would experience all three because their late pleas for forgiveness were just that: too little too late. Like then, today we have false prophets who ignore the high price of Christ’s sacrifice to atone for our sins. They go about proclaiming the prosperity gospel of God doesn’t want you ill or in debt; Claim it and you will have it; God wants you happy.

This brings a question to mind; what is it that God wants? It is simple: repent and turn back to Him. But, if we like those listening to the words of Jeremiah, ignore His message and His call will only hear these words: “Depart from me, I never knew you.” There will come a time when those who delay in seeking salvation will find that their pleas are too little too late.

It is apparent from this chapter that God has a hard message even for Jeremiah. No longer does God call the ones He has called ‘my people’ but ‘this people’. The covenantal relationship has been broken not on God’s side but theirs. But when they finally wake up to the reality it is far too little too late. The false prophets surrounding Jeremiah paint a picture of restoration but God reminds Jeremiah that He has not sent them.

The message God wants them and us to hear is this: “I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” Have you found Him?



Published by Gaye Austin