I remember, few years ago, when my brother wasn’t working as much as he does now, he had so many ideas every week or even every day. And some ideas were really good, of course no one ever saw the light, but what I want to say is, that he saw things from different perspectives. His brains were excited, seeking for new adventures, new creations and developing new ideas. Then, he started a real job, you know the one that pays your bills, has a lot of stress and so on. Now, he doesn’t have time for new ideas.

It’s opposite for me, I have time, and it’s true, I have so many ideas that now, I can’t see which ones are good and which are not. Which are just moment inspiration and which could grow up to real thing. How do we separate? Day or two after fresh idea, there is mostly cool down time, the excitement is cooling. Sometimes because of the financial investment, sometimes because of the work that needs to be done to make something happen. And sometimes because it is just easier to have ideas every day, new ones and do nothing about them, just dream. Not to put any effort is the easiest.

We all know that everything that is alive now, at the beginning was just an idea, and hard work was put in it to become a project, to become a thing that was just a fiction at the time. Everyday, we can read stories how someone succeeded, starting from nothing. And we dream how this could be us. The biggest question is, how do we know when to stop dreaming, when to take action and do something for real. Which idea is the one. I believe that it takes courage and risk. You need to step forward and try, you must know that you can fail. In some cultures failure is nothing to be ashamed of, is just experience. Yet, in some cultures the fail is everything with bad connotation. You are ashamed, because you are inadequate, you were wrong, you couldn’t do the job, … and usually you are judged by people who did nothing so far.

The hardest thing is to rise, to rise above and to take the risk, because without it you will never do anything. You question yourself every moment and that is ok, this makes you trying harder not to fail. As soon as you believe in your idea, it can happen. You need to be persistent, not to give up. Sometimes it helps, when you have an idea, to write down about your excitement, because in a long way, you might lose it and that piece of paper will remember you, why you started, about the filling that will push you forward. When you will see how far you came from just an idea, to the point where you want to give up, you will realise, that this doesn’t make any sense and you need to stick to your plan. The only one that would be disappointed would be you from the past. And all that matters is your own judgement here, when it comes out it will be judged by others but before that it shouldn’t be. Don’t guess what others would think about your path, your struggle.  All that others will see, will be the final product of your idea, the realisation.

The process from idea to realisation is on you and how condemn you are to yourself. Be kind to yourself, have faith and trust in you. Don’t be so critical or destructive. You can slip, make mistakes, try again one time or five times if you need to. Remember, if your friend would be working on this, you wouldn’t be so judgemental, you would support him. Be friend to yourself and anything can happen.

Published by Jana Soleil