Tablet PC's are one of the best gadgets to read books, watch TV shows and play your favorite games. When it comes to playing games, it gets difficult to choose which one if best among several games. Here we have listed some of the top games to play on a tablet. Keep reading to find out about them;

  • Fortnite:

You must have heard at least once about the fortnite game as the game company have done some intense marketing and placed several ads on social media and other channels. It is one of the most popular game currently available on the internet. The game is a multiplayer shooter-survival game and it is a team game meaning members are comprised of teams and the last remaining team wins. There is also the option of solo playing but it is more fun to play with the team. The graphics of the game is very high as each and everything in the game has given high attention to detail including the background objects.

  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG):

This game is among the top trending list of online games, one of the best things about this game is that it is an online multiplayer game with an option of a live conversation with all the members of the game. The option of live chat option gives this game higher value. There are two different options for playing this game, you can play it as a solo player or you can play it with a team. The best thing about this cool game is that there is no lag and the graphics of the game is phenomenal. The game is actually time-based meaning with the passage of time generally after a few minutes interval, the map continuously shrinks and forces players to come in the center of the map. The average game normally starts with approx. hundred players.

  • Asphalt 8 – Airborne:

If you are into cars and racing then you are going to love this awesome game. This is basically a racing video game with high definition graphics and attention to details. The controls are perfectly placed at the bottom of the screen which is ergonomically perfect. Also, there are several options available in the game to unlock cool stuff, the music and sound are also very well set up and perfectly selected according to the map.There are several options available within the game such as the selection of personalized suits and weapons, in order to equip the character and you need to have premium coins which can easily get through purchasing it.

  • Alto's Adventure:

If you looking for the best runner game then this might be the right one as this cool game has awesome graphics. The character in this game moves automatically to the screen sides and is fun to play. It is also one of the simplest and the best popular game on the internet. The tablet screen is perfect for this game as each functional area is perfectly placed and very responsive. Whenever you feel there is a need to kill time and have fun then this is one of the top game that can full fill your need to go and check out this awesome game on the internet.

  • Clash of Clans:

Back when tablets weren`t invented, the Age of Empires was considered as one of the best strategy game by the majority of the people. Now, people prefer to play games on tablets and one of the strategy game to play on a tablet is the clash of clans. The detailed plan and cool graphics of this game have made several fans around the world and are a very popular fermium strategy game. The game is basically a fantasy-themed where the player is the chief of the village or community and is responsible for all the matters ranging from development of the area to building an army and protecting the area from opponents.

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