The United Kingdom – also known as Great Britain – is consisting of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  It has long been one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations for many reasons. The country has the kind of appeal that magnifies a diverse scenery and vast cultural heritage. The latter, in particular, encompasses everything from world-class art galleries and museums to beautifully preserved country estates and castles.

If you are planning to visit the UK sometime this year, then you have come to the right place. Here are 10 of the prettiest places in the country that you need to experience when you coach hire. Make sure they are included in your itinerary!

1. Lake District

There is no doubt that Lake District is the country’s go-to tourist spot, especially since it is hailed as newest UNESCO protected site. And there is every reason, with being a beautiful place among them. As you can probably tell from its name, the Lake District is packed with tranquil lakes, stunning mountain ranges, and a whole heap of tiny villages that you must explore. When planning to visit the UK, it is a crime not to include Lake District in your plans.

2. Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle is known for being an old settlement in the entire England. And believe it or not, people’s history in this place goes back to more than 8,000 years. Saying it is a trip to the archaic times is definitely an understatement. But make no mistake: Once you visit it, you will feel like stepping back 1,000 years.

3. The Cotsworld

Of course, it is a sin not to include the Cotswolds in this list. It is, after all, a recurring theme in all UK itineraries. About 2 hours or so from the heart of London, this one right here offers you an area of outstanding natural beauty, one that you will cherish forever. 

4. Cambridge

Sure, it is relatively small city, but its beauty is enough to mesmerize you. Once you are in Cambridge, it is imperative that you go straight to the Church of St Mary the Great. The latter is where you can climb the tower and experience one of the best vistas over the metro. It would feel like you are in a whole new dimension.

5. Bath

There is really something about Bath that nothing in this world can offer. And while it can differ from one person to another, it is a feeling that you will only experience once you are there. Known for being ancient Roman Spa settlement, Bath is still successful in offering incredible features dating back from the great Roman Times. 

6. Bristol

Bristol is like a city that you often heard on TV or whatnot, but you will never really admire its beauty unless you decide to experience it. Try to go on a trail in order see some of its most iconic contemporary artists like Banksy. Or perhaps you can choose to go to Whapping Wharf and Spike Island, so you can just throw away your entire afternoon by just mesmerizing at the beauty of the seafront. 

7. Oxford

They say Oxford and Cambridge has a lot of friendly rivalry between them, especially since both places are popular for education. One of the things you must do first here is visit Christ Church College. You should go Thirsty Meeplies to wet your whistler.

8. Norwich

Perched about 2 hours north of London by train, Norwich is one of the best places to visit in the UK. When you are there, it is best that you venture into the incredible cathedral or check out the historic cobbled streets. After doing these two itineraries, you can start wandering to the central market, which was previously known as the iconic Saxon market.

9. Stonehenge

This one right here is arguably one of the most famous ancient sites the UK. It is a sport that you really need to see in your life. It is believed that Stonehenge originally came from west Wales, which, in one way or another, is a huge distance for when it was built. But until today, no one has any idea why it was really built in the first place. 

10. Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast can sound mysterious and pre-historic at the same time, but it is actually more than these descriptions. It is the best place in the UK to try fossil hunting. And, oh, keep in mind that it is located on the coastline heavily protected and preserved by UNESCO.


Published by Eric Foley