There are so many benefits to writing a guest post such as perfecting your writing skills and expanding your knowledge about a particular subject. These benefits also include establishing your credibility, higher ranking in Google, reaching out to influential bloggers within your niche and increasing your social media followers and traffic base.

1. HubSpot Blog

The largest inbound marketing blog is HubSpot, which publishes useful marketing advice that fits with the current trends. The great thing about HubSpot is that it accepts just guest posts. While that may be the case, you still need be mindful of what you want to guest post about and its writing style. In order to get a guest post submitted, you need to see what kind of posts they’re looking for. Make sure to read the entire site before you turn your article in. Look over the exhaustive guidelines to be sure your post will meet the criteria. Email them the entire post to look over when you have it ready.

2. YouMoz

YouMoz is a part of the key Moz blog, which can be difficult getting featured on. However, YouMoz makes it easier to submit a guest post and be featured. Although Moz rebranded itself, it didn’t hurt its SEO authority or strength. YouMoz is an online marketing only blog.

3. Get Response

When you have something important to share, send the site links to articles you’ve already published. Send them a proposal detailing your idea and an outline of the article to be written (or already written). Use the “Write For Us” page to submit this information.

4. Ege Marketing

Ege Marketing offers blog topics on online promotions such as social, search, traffic generation and more. The most popular category for now – and will help you to spot a guest post – is mobile. Before you submit an inquiry, make sure to read the official rules.

5. KISSmetrics

One of the best marketing blogs to come about is KISSmetrics. With a strong domain, all posts attract a large reader base. It’s important to note that the website caters more to case studies and marketing guides.

6. Marketo Marketing Blog

One of the larger marketing blogs is Marketo Marketing Blog, with most of its articles getting a significant number of shares on social media platforms. Site administrators tend to want articles on the marketing trends and how people can use them effectively. No official rules on what they’re looking for but read over various guest posts to get an idea. You can use the contact page to pitch your guest post idea.

7. Social Media Examiner

If you want one of the best social media marketing blogs, you can turn to Social Media Examiner. Obviously, any articles submitted here will be about social media and how you can use it for marketing your website/business. All published posts can be seen on Twitter, which can lead to massive exposure for your page. While it’s always looking for new writers, read the official guidelines to be sure you can get in.

8. Digital Marketing Blog

This is one of the best marketing blogs, as it puts attention on the current e-commerce and marketing information and tips. The majority of information on this site is written in-house. However, they do offer a blog for guest posts to publish their own material.

9. eCRM & Email Marketing Blog

If you need a great email marketing blog that talks about the new practices and trends email marketers can use, then look no further than the eCRM & Email Marketing Blog. It offers a “Recommended Reading” series to help you learn about the new things going on in the online marketing world. Guest bloggers don’t have any rules to officially follow, but you can look at the different ones already posted on the site to determine what those rules are. If you’re interested in a post here, go to the contact page and submit your idea.

10. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout has grown to become a highly respected Internet marketing blog, with topics that range from branding to entrepreneurship to online marketing. However, getting a guest blog post on this site can be difficult, as it isn’t often they allow it. It doesn’t have any official rules on how to do this and Neil Patel personally reviews all submissions. Be sure to use the contact form if you decide to try.

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