Are you planning to go for a ski trip? Organizing yourself in advance will help you ensure that you prepare everything that you need for the trip. If you are wondering what items you should carry, here is a checklist of top 10 items you should take with you for your skiing.

  • Water bottle

Even when you are at attitude, water is essential. You can carry a collapsible container with water to push you through until you find a water station.

  • Lip balm and sunscreen

When you are at about 10,000 feet, the sun's reflection can cause damages to your skin.  You can prevent the burns by applying the sunscreen several times during the day.

You need to carry these gloves to keep your hands warm when you are skiing especially during winter. The gloves work well in trapping body heat to your fingers and they also generate more heat to keep you warm.

If you are planning your skiing trip during winter, you need to have boot warmers in your bag. Having the best boot warmers will make your experience enjoyable even when it is freezing out there. They help in keeping your feet and toes warm.

  • Diamond stone

This is another important accessory that you need to carry when going skiing. It will help you give your skis fast tune by rubbing out the burrs in the edges. This is important in helping you get better control and keeps you safe.

  • Wax

You need to carry a piece of wax for your skis. When you put fresh wax on the skis, it will save you more energy and you can get there fast. You can also help a fellow skier who forgot to carry wax, especially on a snow day.

  • First aid items

Having a first aid kit can be helpful when you are going for a skiing trip. There are common cases of boot chafe and sharp edge cuts. You need to be ready for such accidents with a first aid kit. You can carry some band aids, moleskin, gauze pads and any other important item you need in your first aid kit.

  • Cellphone

Sometimes you might lose track of your friends on the hill. A cell phone can help you know their location and find them.

  • Whistle

A whistle will come in handy when you want to be heard above the crowd. After all, you do not want to be the person who keeps yelling.

  • Quick energy food

There are many accidents that happen either during the morning or afternoon skiing sessions. If you want to finish strong, it is great if you carry some quick energy food in your backpack.

Final Words

Skiing is a nice outdoor activity and if you are well prepared, you can enjoy the day. The above are top ten best items that you need to carry when going skiing. There are other items that you can add on the list depending on your preference.

Published by Taslima Akter