Top 10 things that I learned from watching horror films (these may not be limited to the following):

1. Never go on adventures/camping in the woods, especially with your friends. 

2. When someone (or something) knocks between the ungodly hours of 2am-4am, just ignore it and listen to happy music (Side note: If you're my roommate, please do remember to always bring the key with you. It's in the very nature of the ghosts/demons to be tricky).

3. Don't be brave. You're less likely to die if you're not brave. Sometimes, bravery aligns with stupidity. 

4. Don't be inquisitive. Pay no attention to the unexplained noises you hear. Don't mind the unusual disarrangements of the things inside your house. Curiosity can kill you. 

5. If possible, avoid moving out from one house to a new house. Unless the need arises, a compact house is still a home. If it's really impossible or if you can't argue with your parents/loved ones/roommates and moving out is really necessary, please always remember to know first the background of the house or the neighborhood you're moving in. Better safe than sorry.

6. If your place is really haunted, don't take long baths or, much better, don't take a bath at all. (I think defecating/pooing might be an exception. I think the ghosts are nice enough to give you relief but only for that reason.)

7. Don't play or mess around with Ouija boards. Like, seriously. Don't even try to ask who your future husband or wife is going to be. Ghosts are not time travelers. 

8. Use iPhone flashlights. Unless it's not fully charged, it's not going to magically run out of energy. If it does, you can complain to Apple. 

9. If the place is really haunted, don't seek for any proof. Believe what others say. Being gullible is not always a disadvantage.

10. Don't overthink. Especially after watching a scary film and "This is based on a true story" was its tag line. Supernatural stuff are just as real as you want them to be.

For more lessons, keep on watching horror films. So when the time comes and you find yourself encountering this spooky stuff, you're already prepared. 

Published by Jenny Lou Cruzado