When it comes to wedding decorations, there’s one element which is often thought too little of. That is, the wedding car. Whether it is the arrival of the baraat to the departure of doli, it is the wedding car which escorts the bride, the groom and the guests. However, many times, not as much attention is paid to its decorations as it is done for the venue and interior decorations. So, we dived into some of the fanciest wedding decoration ideas and curated a list of top 10 wedding car decorations. Here it is..


1. Bonny Buntings

Buntings are those old-school decorations which almost everyone loves to have. Whether it is simply a plain multicoloured bunting or a Just Married bunting or a bunting of highly decorated glitter flags, either of these buntings will look lovely on your wedding car(s). A bunting will look best when swung over the bonnet or at the back.

2. Balloony Cheers

Mostly in Indian weddings, there is an ending ritual that the women including the bride cry and shed tears to symbolize the fall of the bride’s old life. So, while the bride departs after this ritual, make her leave in a cheery way by adding some colourful balloons decoration. Balloons, just like their structure, can lift one’s mood instantly.

3. Beaded Crystal Garlands & Car Ornaments

Ever wondered that even beads could be used for decorating your wedding car? Well, these days, it’s absolutely a fresh idea to make the bride-to-be board the wedding car in a fairytale style. To make the cars give the look of festive vibes, use beaded garlands created by a professional designer. Crystal danglers or crystal bead car ornaments will also look great while hanging down the car’s rear view mirror. 

4. Couple Figurines & Dolls

Give your wedding car a cute-cum-jazzy display with a set of lightweight car figurines or dolls designed like a pair of bride and groom. If you don’t want to use dolls, accessories like little teddy bears, a pair of doves, hats or swans can also be used for a decorative car display.

5. Bouncy Pompoms

Just like the balloons, pompoms too add to the delicious cheerful vibes that a light-hearted wedding demands. There are several ways you can decorate a wedding vehicle with pompoms. Pompom garlands are one of these. Another great idea is to dot the entire car in tiny sized colourful pompoms. This one especially will grab the eyes of onlookers from far away.

6. ‘Just Married’ Scribble Board

Cast glaze to your to-be marital happiness by showcasing a ‘Just Married’ scribble board on your car. This is a great idea for wedding designers to offer to the wedded couples. Also a great thing to implement for couples going on a honeymoon trip in their car!


7. Floral Wreath 

Wreaths are enchanting decorations which offer a mellow appeal and delicate display. For your wedding car, consider a heart shaped wreath arranged over the bonnet or a small sized floral wreath around the car’s trunk. It’s also a good idea to hang a small wreath around one of the car handles like a ring.

8. Swirl Ribbons With Contrast Flowers

A combination of ribbons and flowers is always a sweet and salty decoration for a wedding car. Consider elaborate ribbon swirls running across the car’s bonnet down the sidelines of bumper or at the back till the flower-filled trunk. To make the car look attractive, use flowers and ribbons in colours contrasting with the car’s colour.

9. Organza Ribbon Bow With Bouquet or Rosette

A simple bow hanging down the car’s grill is enough to give it a call for wedding. Apart from a bow, if you want to add more, think of a hood covered in organza mesh cloth, a ribbon rosette, loops and knots. To complement the decorations furthermore, you can also add a small bouquet or cluster of flowers alongside.

10. A Floral Extravaganza!

Let your love of flowers marry the love-meeting-day of your wedding. Ask your wedding designer to drench your cars in flowers of different colours and sizes. A series of mini white flower garlands cascading from the grill to the trunk of the car is one such example.

Closing Thought

Mostly, wedding is a one-time occasion in an individual’s lifetime. It’s also one and only day which marks the beginning of a new life with one’s life companion. And so, why not make this day one-of-a-kind too with some fab decorations? Try some of these flirtatious car decorations in your wedding. Also, we’d love if you share with us your wedding decoration ideas too!


Published by Charlesa Gibson