We often overlook Taiwan as a travel destination and many of us are of the notion it is located within China. Even those that know the real fact dislike to go there since there is no terracotta soldiers, no Great Wall, and so on. However, there is an advantage for this since you will not come across unruly crowds in Taiwan once you go there. Also, navigating across Taiwan won’t be a problem given that there are so many convenient modes of communication here. For example, it will not take much time to reach from the Taoyuan airport to Taipei (the capital of Taiwan) thanks to the convenient transport links.

Here we have presented the top 3 reasons to visit Taiwan during your subsequent vacation.

1. Food

Taiwan features lots of stuff from China including the recipes plus cooking styles and we know that Chinese food is popular worldwide. In fact, when the Han immigrants first settled in Taiwan their cooking style got merged with the traditional cooking style of the Taiwanese people which resulted in the introduction of an innovative and unique cooking procedure with a flavor of its own. This unique cuisine was altered further mainly by the Japanese who ruled Taiwan for about 5 decades. Probably the best location in Taiwan to satisfy your taste buds will be the local night market. It is a matter of debate which is the best spot in Taiwan when it comes to scrumptious recipes, but the reputed Keelung Night Market will stay ahead in the competition.

2. Temples

You will come across Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian temples throughout the island as famous tourist destinations and also as active centers of worship plus culture. Amongst the most reputed temples in the country, mention may be made of Guandu and Longshan temples and each one of these has its own metro station. It will be possible to come across many temples in the city of Tainan which is situated in the island’s south. Apart from this, if you would like to take a short flight to the Panghu archipelago, you can witness some of the most gorgeous and yet least visited temples in East Asia. There is also the captivating Tien-ho temple here which features the statues of Matsu (the sea goddess) along with some historic Chinese generals, a compact pond having the shape of a dragon plus a bell tower too.

3. Cycling

Taiwan can be considered to be a cycling paradise. Although the tourists usually do not go beyond the sea beaches and the mountains while they are in Taiwan, perhaps the most effective way to explore the country will be by cycling. Taiwan has got thousands of miles of cycling paths all over the island. You can even bike through urban cities and cycling is considered to be an interesting outdoor activity in Taiwan. While visiting the island, it would be prudent to perform a “round the island” biking trip which can be done in approximately 2 weeks. However, it will depend on your speed as well as physical fitness. The good thing is that you can witness some of the most historic and cultural attractions in Taiwan while enjoying your biking.  

Apart from these above-mentioned 3 attractions in Taiwan, there are many more which we have not covered in this article. Therefore, do not hesitate and book your flight ticket in advance to visit this wonderful destination during your subsequent holidays.


Published by Charlesa Gibson