A Google search has become so common these days that the term “Googled” is now accepted as a real word, and that says a lot about how much of an impact the internet, and especially search engines, have had on our lives.

However, even Google has its limits, so when you are trying to search for actual people and their history, you will need other tools to find the information you require. As to the reasons why you may need that information about people, here are the top three reasons.
Background Check
Before hiring anybody, every company runs (or at least should run) a background check on them for various reasons such as verification of the provided credentials and gaining knowledge of the concerned individual’s criminal record. This has become particularly easy now, as an employer can find people in MA and other states by simply searching for their public records on a site like Intelius.

Intelius can find their public history, criminal records and more, as long as they are citizens of the United States of America. It is a legal requirement nowadays for employers to hire workers only after running a background check, because providing a safe environment for the rest of the employees to work in is a legal responsibility that every big and small organization carries by default.

Financial Status
Whether you are hiring someone for a position that requires handling a lot of money on a regular basis or are planning to get into a personal relationship with the individual in question, it is wise to do a financial background check on the person. If he/she is in considerable debt, then that person may not be the ideal fit for a position that involves handling large sums of money on a daily basis, or there could be ulterior motives in the individual’s mind. In any case, prior knowledge helps you to make a more informed decision.

Finding Lost People
If you have lost touch with an old relative or friend, the internet can help you reconnect. Facebook is a pretty good place to find people these days with over 1.8 billion accounts present there, but just in case the person you are looking for doesn’t have a Facebook account or doesn’t use his/her social media accounts anymore, a search of the public records through Intelius might help in tracking the person down. In extreme situations, you might need the aid of a private investigator, but a public record search in definitely the right place to start.

These are the top three reasons as to why employers and individuals search for background information on people and as can be seen, they are all quite important as well. There’s a reason as to why the US government has made it mandatory (the exact statutes differ from state to state) to maintain a public record for all US citizens, so it only makes sense that everyone uses that information wisely when required.

Published by Mudassar Ali