Rendering is one of those home improvement projects where individuals can let their creative sides shine. Nothing screams uniqueness more than the creatively rendered exterior walls of your homes. Most people are more accustomed to cement rendering. However, Acrylic rendering is slowly gaining popularity because of the distinct advantages it has to offer the interior of your home.

What Do You Need to Know About Acrylic Rendering?

If you are looking to render your home and want to explore some more facts about the acrylic option, here are a few things to know for enhancing your knowledge.

#1 It Requires a Professional and Creative Touch

Acrylic rendering is different from cement rendering in the way that it is more intricate and artistic. Often, professional help is needed for those who wish to render their walls with acrylic. If you are the creative kind, you can easily pick up a brush, sponge or any tool you find useful and start creating your unique designs on your walls. For others, it is always advisable to get some professional help to add that finishing touch to your rendered walls, making it look like a piece of art.

#2 Quick to Dry

You do not need to worry about you newly finished rendering being subjected to harsh weather or climatic conditions. Where other renders may take weeks to dry, acrylic rendering takes only a few days to completely dry. In fact, it is one of those rendering options that takes the least time to dry. It makes it very easy for home owners to apply and enjoy the outcome of the process. Now you do not need to worry about external forces ruining your beautiful rendering anymore.

Resistant to cracks It is made of a mix of acrylic, which is a type of plastic. It makes the rendering highly flexible, resilient and resistant to cracks. Where other renders are susceptible to developing cracks or weather damage (such as concrete and cement rendering), acrylic render becomes the first choice of most of the people because of its crack-resistant property. The addition of acrylic to the cement fortifies the strength and bonding, and any normal expansion and contraction of your walls due to heat will not have much effect on the acrylic render.

#3 More Options for Creativity

Due to the material and type of render that acrylic is composed of, it becomes much easier to design creative patterns and textures on this type of a render. The rendering material is extremely pliable and can be sprayed, rolled or painted on the walls. Often, two different colors can also be put on top of each other, offering it a clear finish and color. That is why, experimentation with the same is convenient, and individuals can think of giving it a try by developing the textures and color combinations of their own choice. The opportunity to be creative and unique is immense when using acrylic render.

Durable and resistant It is highly durable and does not easily get affected with the extremities of weather. It is also very flexible and does not get affected by water, sunlight, expansion or contraction. Whereas other renders might start showing the signs of aging, acrylic render will look new and fresh even after years. It is also highly resistant to any scratch, cracks and things like mold, fungi, and bacteria. Homeowners can live stress-free once they have rendered their walls with acrylic.

Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering is gaining wide popularity these days and is becoming a part of many home improvement projects. With acrylic rendering, not only will you have the unique home amongst your neighbors, but will also have the added aesthetic appeal that appreciates the market value of your home.

Published by Adam Wilson