Li-Fi won't offer brightening however secure remote availability in workspaces. Just as the systems administration capacity, individuals will have the option to take a Skype video phone call and move to start with one room then onto the next without that telephone call being intruded. Laborers and guests will have a steady web speed association from the Li-Fi organizes in the workspace. Utilizing light, arrange access can likewise be controlled all the more viably. For instance, the overhead lighting in an office can give access to the visitor arrange, while work area lights can give access to explicit pieces of a corporate system with getting to rights appointed on a work area by-work area premise

 Augmented Reality

Augmenting the reality is being utilized in organizations, for example, exhibition halls to upgrade the client experience. In any case, in the same way as other different administrations that are reliant upon Wi-Fi, the experience can be moderate and lazy as the number of individuals associated with the system increments.

Li-Fi can without much of a stretch take care of this issue by giving each show its own information stream utilizing a Led Powered light. Additionally, Li-Fi empowered lighting can likewise give confined data inside that light. Li-Fi will empower the clients to not just appreciate a continuous AR involvement with the historical center, however, It will likewise engage them to download data about that show utilizing the light that enlightens the display.

 Local Advertising :

Advertisers ought to express gratitude toward LiFi innovation for allowing them to give publicizing data about the products on the racks that are inspected by the clients. Not just that, they can likewise appear uncommon coupons and offers that are connected to specific items, alongside the presentation of promoting recordings and index information. For this, advertisers need to put resources into a shop that utilizes a LiFi communicate channel to show lighting. This can be a significant shopping leap forward, empowering retail organizations to think of a mix of high road and web-based shopping experience to clients.

            Vehicles and transportation

Traffic signage, traffic lights, and street lamps are adopting LED technology, so there are multiple application opportunities here. VLC can be used for vehicular communication due to the presence of vehicle lights and existing traffic light infrastructure. High-priority applications for vehicle safety communication include collision warning, pre-crash sensing, emergency electronic brake lights, lane-change warning, and curve speed warning, among others. Such high-priority applications require reliable reachability with extremely low latency. Due to extremely low allowable latency in vehicle safety communication, a high-speed VLC system like Li-Fi can be useful. An outdoor VLC system using a controller area network (CAN) has been proposed, where backlights and headlights are used for communication.

 Under Water Communication System:

 Information is transmitted from one point to another via modulation. Modulation, forming the basis of communication, is the process of transmission of a low-frequency data signal with a high-frequency carrier signal. As it could be understood from the description above, we need two signals for the modulation process. These are data signals (voice, music, map, and video) to transmit and high-frequency carrier signals. For three reasons modulation is a necessity. First, the low-frequency data signal has not that much energy to travel far distances. Second, if low-frequency data signals were not imposed on a carrier signal, in other words, if not modulated, the dimension of the antenna would be inefficiently long. It is because the dimension of the antenna is inversely proportional to frequency. Third, data signal bandwidth is 20 Hz-20 kHz and assuming the frequency range of amplitude modulation is 5-10 kHz, there could be a few stations established. For these causes modulation as the basis of communication is a demanding tool needed to be used

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