Did You Know?

  • There are more mobile connections than people in this world.
  • People prefer using their mobile devices over PCs.
  • Global PC shipments have drastically declined in recent years.
  • Global Internet usage through mobiles and tablets is more than that from Desktop. The very first Mobile dominant figure showed up in October 2016.
  • There are more searches taking place on mobile devices than on Computers.

Therefore, your business website has to be mobile-friendly to stay competitive in today's tech-savvy world. Even according to the latest Web design Dubai trends, and not just in the UAE but entire Europe, there is a huge fraction of the audience that uses mobile devices to surf the internet. Furthermore, there are great benefits to having a mobile-friendly website in 2017. So let's dig in further;

Improved Customer Experience

Mobile-friendly sites are designed for devices like tablets, smartphones and etc. your user doesn’t want to browse the desktop website on android device. According to the research, mobile-optimized sites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction making a positive impression. For sure, nobody would want to stick to the business whose website doesn’t even completely appear on the smartphone. If your website appears appropriately on the mobile devices of your target audience, you are most likely to lock the deal. Don’t Miss the Potential Buyers due to not having a mobile-friendly site.

Competitive Advantage

Undoubtedly, your business will stand out amongst the competitors if you have a mobile-friendly website. If your website doesn’t look good on a smartphone, users will move on to another one. A mobile website ensures that you are better able to capture visitor attention and that goes for a big plus.

Faster Download Speed

Mobile friendly sites are designed for optimal download speed and mobile standards. In short, less waiting and more browsing. Studies show that 72% of your users will leave your website if it doesn't load within 20 seconds. Standard websites naturally take longer to load on mobile devices as opposed to mobile-optimized websites. Just remember one thing, your customer doesn’t like to wait. If you keep your audience waiting for longer just because your website’s taking too much time to load, there are better alternatives they have then.

Improved SEO Performance

Not discussing the SEO in detail specifically, mobile-optimized sites provide better rankings on mobile-friendly search engines like Google and Bing etc. It also allows placement in a huge number of mobile and local directories, which means your mobile website will have more visibility compared to your competitors who still have a standard website.


The mobile web is a mainstream reality that puts a huge impact upon any organization willing to communicate with target audiences online. The industry giants have predicted that, nearly, mobile phones will overtake PC's as the widely adopted internet access device. So website owners should now take the responsibility to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and start working on it. Consequently, it’ll be of great help in connecting with the number of visitors that will inevitably access their sites on mobile devices.


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Published by Kash Pals