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    On October 7th I went to New York Comic Con with a friend, where we visited all the book publishing booths for any free books that we thought we would like. I am going to talk about the top 5 books I got that I am the most excited to read. This will be in order of level of excitement. So the first book will be the one I am the least excited for and the fifth book will be the one I am the most excited for. Don't get me wrong I am really excited about all of them. Now on to the list.


1) Magonia by: Maria Dahvana Headley

What’s it about: Aza has a mysterious lung disease that makes breathing and speaking very hard. One day Aza sees a ship in the sky and her parents think its just a side affect of her medication. Aza knows this is real and she can hear someone calling her name from the ship. The only person that believes her is her friend Jason but then she ends up in this new world called Magonia. In Magonia Aza is no longer sick, she is actually stronger. When Aza is trying to get used to this new world she learns that there is a war coming between Magonia and earth now she has to decide which side she is on. 


My thoughts: I got this book from one of the Epic Reads events. Headley spoke to us about what the book is about and her inspiration for writing it. After hearing all her stories I got really exited about reading Magonia it sounds like such a fun and unique read. 


Publication Date: In stores now


2) Blood Rose Rebellion by: Rosalyn Eves (Book one in a trilogy)

 What’s it about: Anna was born into a family that use magic. The problem is that Anna has trouble performing even the most  simple of spells. But, sometimes by accident she breaks the spells. When she is sent to Hungary where her family is from Anna  learns that the people around her are holding secrets. Anna will have to choose if she will deny the power she has inside, or  embrace them and start a rebellion that will change the world forever. 


 My thoughts: A book about magic…yes please! This also kinda reminded me of the show Once Upon a Time I wont say why  because spoilers. 


 Publication Date: March 28, 2017


3) Defy The Stars by: Claudia Gray 

What’s it about: Noemi is a teen space soldier from the planet Genesis that is at war with earth to gain their independence. When there was a surprise attack Noemi is stuck in space on a abandoned ship. Noemi meets Abel who is a mech prototype and is her enemy, but Abel’s programing forces him to do what Noemi says so now he has to help her save Genesis even though her plan will kill him. Once on this voyage Noemi realizes that Abel is more than just a machine. Also Abel’s devotion is no longer just about his programing.


My Thoughts: What made me excited about this book is the fact that on the back of the book it says its for fans of The Lunar Chronicles. TLC is one of my favorite series so I am so excited to read Defy The Stars.


Publication Date: April 2017


4) Hunted by: Meagan Spooner 

What’s it about: A Beauty and the Beast retelling. Yeva’s father goes missing in the woods and she knows exactly what her father was hunting for…the beast. Against her sisters wishes Yeva goes into the forest to hunt down the Beast to save her father. This new territory that she goes into has things that Yeva has only heard about in fairytales. This world could either bring her ruin or salvation. 


My thoughts: All I had to know about this book to want to read it was that its a Beauty and the Beast retelling. What makes this book even better is that the Belle in this book is a badass hunter. What more can you want from a book? So excited for this book.


Publication Date: March 14, 2017 


5) Heartless by: Marissa Meyer

What’s it about: A prequel of Alice in Wonderland here we meet Catherine who will soon become the Queen of Hearts. All that Catherine has ever wanted was to open a Bakery with her BFF and supply the Kingdom of Hearts with pastries. Her mother would tell her that this was not a accomplishable goal for someone that was a favorite of the King of Hearts. At a ball Cath meets the court joker and they start to fall for each other. Cath wants to control her own destiny but that is not what fate has in mind. 


My thoughts: I love Marissa Meyer’s writing ( writer of The Lunar Chronicles)  so I have been waiting for this book since pretty much last year. Once I found out that this was a story about the Queen of Hearts I got even more excited since I have never read a sort of retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I can not wait to jump into this world. 


Publication Date: November 8, 2016


    Those where the top 5 books that I got at NYCC. Let me know in the comments if you are excited to read any of these, or just any book that you are looking forward to reading.


Until next time book nerds,


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