These are my Top 5 Pokemon from all 700+ of them. This kind of post is a little different for me, but I thought this was a chance to branch out and do something a little more fun. Don't go judging me too much on my taste in Pokemon!

5. Mewtwo

I know what you’re thinking. Why in Arceus’ name is Mewtwo number five and not number one? Sorry guys, but I’m sure the rest of this post will disappoint too. Mewtwo is awesome. Out of all 700+ Pokemon, he is the only one that was created by humans. Sort of. The anime likes to tease about the origin of legendary Pokemon and never quite give us all the information. Rumour has it Mewtwo was born from a pregnant Mew (HOW?!) and had its DNA altered by humans as an embryo in an attempt to create the strongest Pokemon alive. Which worked until Mewtwo destroyed the human that experimented on him for all those years… that is karma. Apart from being a Psychic type, I like Mewtwo for purely being an anti-social monster with an attitude problem. You go, Mewtwo.

4. Cubone

Cubone – the adorable little ground pokemon who carries a bone and wears his dead mother’s skull as a helmet. Wait. What? Yep. That’s how deep this anime/game really is. This is sort of why I like this little guy. I’m attracted to the dark and slightly creepy and Cubone is just that. Another anti-social one – known as ‘The Lonely Pokemon’ – I feel you buddy, I feel you. I respect Cubone, losing his mother at such a young age, defending himself with nothing but a bone… so inspiring.

3. Darkrai

There’s a pattern arising in my top 5 – dark, creepy & mysterious. Darkrai is probably the darkest of them all, as you can tell from the name. Darkrai has the ability to inhibit dreams and give his victims never-ending nightmares which can only be stopped using a Lunar Stone. Now that is an awesome ability. The amount of people I would haunt in their dreams – Darkrai, you are my spirit Pokemon. However, despite the seemingly evil abilities he has, Darkrai only uses his power in self-defence and is not a malicious Pokemon. He’s just a giant softie at heart. Aw.

2. Umbreon

YET ANOTHER EEVEE-LUTION. We all know about Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon, but no one ever seems to pay attention to the later generation of Eevee-lutions. Umbreon is the dark type final form of Eevee (surprise, surprise). There’s not much to say about this guy. He’s adorable and dark and everything I love. No offense to all the other Eevee-lutions, but this dude just looks more mature and sophisticated. Is that even possible? Or normal to say about a drawing? Either way, he is as sleek as the night in which he was born from.

1. Pikachu

It’s time to lighten up the post a bit with the one and only, PIKA PIKA! Yes, I’m one of those annoying fans who thinks that Pikachu is the bee’s knees. For one simple reason – he is. No, he’s not strong and powerful and the anime makes him seem tougher than he is (even though I’ve seen him run away more times than I’ve seen him fight), but he is fast… which is about the only thing he’s good for in a battle. Ok, I admit he’s a pretty disappointing Pokemon but this cute little mouse is one hell of a friend to our protagonist, Ash. As a character, Pikachu is funny, quirky and loyal… with a bit of an attitude – have you seen that thundershock?! I love Pikachu and I will proudly shout that from the roof tops. Especially when I finally catch him on Pokemon Go…


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Published by Lucy Scoble