Of course, Christmas isn't complete without a full spread of cuisine. Where I live - in England - our choice is turkey, which I don't completely understand. I'm not turkey's biggest fan (but I like the country), but everything else is just... Yes. The food is wholeheartedly one of the most important and enjoyable things about the entire Christmas period, along with feeling like you're going to die/explode from the stupid amounts that you've eaten.
    You can't feel truly festive if you haven't listened to all those compulsory Christmas tunes. We all have those top seven or so, which are disgustingly bad but are also somewhat addictive. And annoyingly catchy. I always end up listening to Christmas music in the middle of June, because screw keeping things seasonal.
    I'm actually somewhat allergic to real Christmas trees (not stupidly so, but I try not to touch them because I get a bit of a rash), but fake ones are pretty fun to put up too. Also - decorations. We have a tradition in my family to get one new pretty bauble every year, but this is becoming a problem as my youngest sister's paper offers are becoming the standard as she hits the arty crafty years of primary school. Baubles are nice, though. And we still have all my old creations from back when I was four/five/six, and wrote my Js the wrong way around.
  4. Family...?
    To an extent - okay, to a pretty big one - I really enjoy seeing family at Christmas. Some of my family I only see once a year around the festive season, so it's a big time and a very enjoyable one. Last weekend I went up to see my stepdad's sister and brother and his parents and their family up in Leeds, and it was great to see them all again after so long. I've also been to Forbidden Planet. Enough said.
  5. THE PRESENTS (well, getting them)
    I'm not saying I don't enjoy getting presents, I do, but I never know what to do or say. It's always awkward for me. Getting them for people though, that's a great time. I love that. Even though I am truly terrible at it, and I always forget to get people cards.

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