In this world of technology, more and more people are moving into digital communication due to the main reason of trees/forest being destroyed for generating paper. In spite of all the unfavorable factors of not using papers, here are five reasons why paper is better in this digital age. Paper is precious thus use it with care.

Here are some of her thoughts on five reasons why paper is better than digital reader/writer.  

1.     Greeting Cards(Thank you/Sorry notes)

First reason that paper is better than e-Reader is because receiving a “hand-written” note (greeting card - thank you /sorry) note is priceless and most cherished, even in this digital age as it will connect with your recipient more effectively. (Source:

           A dear friend and a manager at IT firm Praveen Ganjam says:

“My son wrote a love you dad on my birthday card, this was when he was just learning to write. That’s special to me…”

2.            Letters

Second reason that paper is better than e-Reader is because sending out a “hand-written” letter to your loved one makes their day and your too when you see their happy face. This specially holds good with elders/parents or your lovers.


Who best can know the value of a paper than a digital writer/communicator/reader than an illustrator/designer. This illustrator is a celebrated artist who can do magic with a pen and a paper. She worked previously in many odd jobs before turning into an illustrator and now she has more than 47000 followers on Facebook. She is none other than Alicia Souza and a hard core paper fan because as she says “her profession adds to it but everyone loves a little paper note every now and then”.

Alicia Says: “I'm totally a paper-person. I am a sucker for hand-writing notes and pages I can touch and feel. There's nothing like a postcard received and I still have a physical journal. I know my profession adds to it, but everyone, I believe, loves a little paper note every now and then. Also I write a heap of love notes haha.”

(Image Source: Alicia Souza)

3.            Planning your day

Third reason that paper is better than e-Reader is because your to-do list being a “tangible material” leaves a deeper footprint in your head, easy to remember and feel good factor when you cross of the list.


IT consultant and a singer/dancer Keethana M and my lovely sister-in-law, loves to write on paper and she says:

“Writing a to-do list helps me remember better. And this e-communcation like messaging and texting has almost made us forget spelling as we type everything in short hand. Writing helps us to put our thoughts better in words and helps us to express better…”

4.            Reading a magazine or book

Fourth reason that paper is better than e-Reader is because the amount of satisfaction it gives to you when you read the magazine – front to back or back to front or flip the pages happily when you are waiting for a haircut in the salon. Printed material has been found to be more engaging to readers unlike its digital counterparts. (Source:

My husband’s nephew Rishabh (16 years) once told me about reading novels and children magazines(Tinkle) is that:

“The fun of reading the children magazines and novels is entirely different. One will get to imagine and thus creativity increases. I love to read novels and magazines as hard-copy as it improves my English as well :)”

5.            Taking notes

Fifth reason that paper is better than e-Reader is because digital notes make you feel less compelled to study and doesn’t promote good retention. It improves concentration they say.


A dear friend, fellow blogger and founder of Travelrope( - travel website - Surya S Raju says:

“For me, taking notes is synonymous to writing all the details in a notebook. Though there are all types of gadgets available out there, I always feel so comfortable doing this. It not only helps me register things in my mind but also help me know how my day to day activity looks like. It has always helped me plan things better.  I just can’t step into a meeting without my notebook and a pen! Having said this, I ensure that I use recycled paper notebooks every single time.”

Disclaimer: Paper is too valuable to waste. Always switch to recycled papers. Think before you print. Don’t throw away misprints instead use them as drafts or print on the other side.

Published by Su Srikanth